BTR goes NYC – tips and trends for Winter 2013

After the destruction of Hurricane Sandy, I thought the city that never sleeps may have lost some of its spark. In reality, I have never seen this city more hopeful and upbeat in my life! Even after such devastation, New York City didn’t fail to radiate its creative energy and deliver the hottest fashion and trendiest restaurants.


As every fashionista would agree, a visit to one of the world’s fashion capitals requires that you make a statement in your finest attire, while duly noting the latest fashion trends.

Trend 1Layering and floppy hats

Walking down 5th Avenue surrounded by stores like Prada and Henri Bendel in my faux-fur vest and leather pants, I couldn’t help but notice the excessive use of layering and big floppy hats. Create your own chic and comfortable layered look by wearing a striped long-sleeved top under a button-up blouse, and then top it off with a knit sweater.

Tip: Sport a black floppy hat and leather gloves to put together a fashion-forward New York ensemble.

Trend 2: Toggle clasp cape jackets and boots

As the chill of Hurricane Sandy lingers and washes away the warmth of the summer sun, New Yorkers in all 5 boroughs have taken their jackets out of hiding. With the light brisk of winter creeping in, wool blend toggle clasp jackets and capes are everywhere. These jackets are fabulous, can be found at affordable prices, and help you  maintain a high fashion look while staying toasty.

Tip: Pair this jacket with thick-heeled booties and patterned tights for a bold haute-couture look.

Trend 3: Sequins and Fur

Stepping into Saks Fifth Avenue, I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Overwhelmed with the excitement of being surrounded by clothing, makeup, and handbags from the world’s leading fashion brands, I had to take a step back with my complimentary glass of champagne and observe my surroundings. Sequins, fur, and lightweight lace materials were common themes that I noticed throughout each clothing department.

Tip: Top a faux-fur vest over a sequined skirt with an and oversized lightweight blouse for a sexy contemporary look.

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