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Super Bowl Sunday – Girls’ night in

As the buzz heightens for every man’s favorite day of the year, plan an evening that will excite you both. Besides the game itself and the commercials of course, Super Bowl snacks are one of the key highlights.

While the boys gather in front of the television for a night of football, beer, and fried chicken, plan a menu that will allow you and the girls to stick to your “get fit” New Year’s resolution.

To help you get inspired, we’ve mustered up some delicious and healthy Super Bowl Sunday alternatives.


Instead of sticking to the typical nachos and dip, replace the nachos with vegetables. Keep the energy alive with nutritious home-made green dips like guacamole, low fat spinach dip, and black bean salsa.

Everyone loves a good saucy, deep fried chicken wing on the big day. Get your wing fix without all the calories by replacing them with bite size pieces of grilled buffalo chicken.

Main dishes

Pizza is always a timeless attendee on the menu. Instead of ordering in, we suggest making Portobello pizzas. Simply, fill a cap of a Portobello mushrooms with light tomato sauce, low-fat mozzarella cheese, and sprinkle some herbs like basil and bake. If your girls are pepperoni lovers, replace the slices with low fat turkey sausage.

Who doesn’t adore a good crunchy side dish of fries? Get your fry fix by cutting yams into long strips. Spray some olive oil with a sprinkle of sea salt and broil until crispy.


No evening is complete without a sweet delight. End your Super Bowl affair with scrumptious strawberries covered in dark chocolate. If you’re feeling ambitious, decorate  them as mini footballs.

Here you have it! Super Bowl Sunday made healthy!

Click on our Super Bowl Sunday food board on Pinterest for more inspirations.

Get a glowing complexion with NARS and Michael Todd cosmetics

Harsh weather changes can surely take a toll on your skin. Luckily, with the right products, you can keep your complexion looking radiant.

The hottest makeup trend seen on designer runways this spring is a soft, natural look. Skin glowed with rosy cheeks, complemented by a subtle or bold pink lip.

To help steal this look, follow these beauty secrets:

Firstly, start with a blank canvas. You need healthy skin for your most radiant look. We suggest revitalizing your complexion with the natural ingredients of Michael Todd True Organics skincare. These cleansers, toners, and revitalizing treatments are essential in creating the foundation you need for your makeup to shine.

Now the fun begins! At BTR we’re obsessed with premium Nars makeup. No one likes a “cakey” face, so we suggest creating an even skin tone with Sheer Glow foundation. From there, get an adorable rosy cheek with either a pink or red blush. Highlight your cheekbones with a light shimmer in order to get a more defined look.

We love The Multiple – François Nars’ iconic innovation. This original multi-purpose stick for eyes, cheeks, lips and body provides sheer color that blends effortlessly to create shimmering accents, contours and dynamic highlights. Brush on some mascara and add a bold pink lip, et voila! You’ve just created a charming, everyday look.

Shop the NARS and Michael Todd events for your most flawless skin this spring.

Paris Fashion Week – Pre Fall/Winter 2013 trends

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s for Paris Fashion Week to showcase some jaw-dropping looks and to inspire the ready-to-wear category to new heights. The long awaited reveal of Pre-Fall styles didn’t fall short from wowing the fashion world. After reviewing the runways of designers like Chanel, Balmain, and Stella McCartney, we’ve noted the new must-have trends.

This season the runways were full of clean lines and cuts, textures, and black and white. Fluttering with splashes of leather, fur, sequins, lace and whispers of color, the designers headed in a more classic direction by featuring a lot of tweed.

Sincerely Jules, one of today’s fashion icons and most recognized bloggers, has mastered the art of implementing the hottest haute-couture looks into everyday street wear. Check out these inspirational looks from our favorite fashionista to see how you can rock high-fashion trends in your daily ensemble.

Spring Preview – shop BTR’s hottest styles on sale now

As the winter chill washes away and spring slowly creeps in, we can all look forward to fabulously vibrant fashions. As seen from your favorite designers, this spring is all about mixing and matching intricate prints, vibrant hues, and rich textures. Here’s a little sneak peak of what’s in store:


Orange and blue baby doll dress

Ivory lace baby doll dress

Brown boustie dress

Mustard mesh crop top

Navy and white print shorts

Cream floral wedge

Orange flats

Tight sea green dress

Pink shorts

Sheer mint skirt

Blue geometric skirt

Sequin top

Royal blue blazer

Floral shorts

Orange sheer dress


Shop retro-inspired aprons and more by Jessie Steele

Need a little motivation to get cookin’? Well, we think if you look the part, you can definitely act the part! And looking like a pro is easy thanks to a little help from Jessie Steele.

Jessie Steele is for women who are both rich in tradition and fearlessly feminine. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a busy career woman, these aprons bring back cozy memories of home and family time.

The aprons have appeared on TV, in feature films, and on the runway. And just in time for Valentine’s Day, you can get in on the fun with something special from this much-loved brand.

Shop the event now and stop by our Love is in the Air board on Pinterest for more Valentine’s Day Inspiration.

Shop BTR’s hottest styles – Accessories

With hot accessories being all the rage, apparel has taken a backseat. And with these snazzy items by your side, you’ll never wear a dull outfit.

Shop these hot items now:

Elegant watch

Red handbag

Green wallet

Dior sunglasses

Blue strapped pump

Studded black flat

Leopard bootie

Black sequin bootie

Pom pom tuque

Edgy pearl bracelet

Sporty black watch

Dainty white watch

Playful turquoise clutch

Classic ivory patent leather bag 

Casual tortoise wafers





Find your perfect bedroom decor

Is your bedroom your oasis or just a place for you to pass out after a long day?  If your room doesn’t reflect your personal style, then perhaps it’s time for a little makeover.

We’ve put together 5 snazzy bedroom decors – which one catches your fancy?


This room is ideal for the fashionista who’s all about sleek lines, bold colors, and a generally modern aesthetic. If your dream look includes black stilettos, an LBD, and a vamp red purse, we picture you in this mod room. Very minimalistic chic.


Bohemian décor is for the hipster lady who dresses only for herself. She’s always on the hunt for original accessories, and prides herself on her one-of-a-kind finds. We see her in a cozy bedroom with her pictures and artwork decorating the walls. Every inch of her space is a reflection of her taste and personality.


If you fancy yourself a posh princess, we’re pretty sure you already make your bedroom as lovely as can be. For you, it’s all about details, details, details. Your room is neat and tidy and your furniture is designer all the way.


Does your wardrobe revolve around timeless dresses, black dress pants, pearls, and blouses? If yes, you need a gorgeous bedroom that makes you feel at home. No Avant-Garde paintings here – we’re seeing cozy white duvets, traditional artwork, and warm wallpaper.


While we admit that not many ladies out there have space style, we’d like to think there are at least some adventurous gals who would enjoy this décor. One thing’s for sure: your guests will definitely be in awe – if not a little afraid!

Be sure to stop by our bedding events to shop your way to your dream bedroom!

Sweet Dreams

Stylish and comfortable bedding

Goose feather duvets

Dream bed and bath  

It’s all about the eyes – create the latest looks seen on the runways

Of all the makeup looks dominating the runways this season, it’s always the eyes that get us talking. Whether you’re a smokey eyed vixen or the girl next door, we’ve got the hottest looks to make your eyes pop.

Cat eye effect

There’s nothing more flirtatious than a bold cat eye. Get a delicate look by pairing a simple black stroke at the base of your lash line with a gold shimmer. For you seductive creatures, create a winged effect with a thick stroke along the lash line and continue to the outer corner of your eye.

Tip: to create an even more dramatic effect, blend a dark eye shadow in the outer corner of your lid.

Playful with colors

Cheerful makeup was seen all over the catwalks this season. Make your eyes pop with a subtle stroke on the top and bottom lash line. For a fierce look, blend bold eye shadows on  top of your lids. Finish with a simple liner on the top and bottom lash lines.

Tip: always make sure to wear clothing in colors that will accentuate the natural color of your eyes.

The Smokey Eye 

The smokey eye has been a trend for quite some time and there is no sign of this sultry look dying down any time soon. Create a lighter effect by pairing browns with gold shimmer or go for a more intense look by blending black with either dark purples and blues with a hint of white shimmer in the inner crease of your eye.

Tip: Wear luscious red lips with a soft smoky eye and nude lips with a bold eye for a dramatic effect.

Overall tip: any eye makeover is not complete without the touch of mascara!

For more inspirations on how to create bewitching eye looks, check out our Pinterest page!

2013 Golden Globes wrap-up

The Golden Globes, the Oscars’ more laid-back, fun-loving cousin, is a hugely entertaining soiree. The actors are relaxed, the speeches more spontaneous, and the energy high. So instead of just discussing who looked fab and who looked drab, we decided to look at who got us talking on one of Hollywood’s most glam nights.

Most ‘please look at me’ moment: Eva Longoria in Pucci

We’re all for edgy dresses and sexy slits, but we thought this Emilio Pucci number was a little much for such a formal event. We get it Eva, you’re smokin’!

Safest dress: Amy Adams in Marchesa

Unless you’re a minivan, safe is not usually something you want to be on a red carpet. And unfortunately for Amy Adams, that’s how we felt about her Marchesa dress. While the star looked pretty, this nude style simply washed her out.

Funniest presenters: Kristin Wig and Will Pharell

You can always tell when SNL veterans take the stage as opposed to shy actors reading off telepromoters. These comic geniuses brought on the laughs with their faux, theatrical movie descriptions.

Most spot-on joke: Tina Fey on Taylor Swift

From suggesting she go after Michael J Fox’s son to telling the country star she needs some ‘me-time,’ Tina Fey’s tips for Ms Swift were some of the best jokes of the night. While they unfortunately did not show Taylor’s reaction, we can guess she did her best ‘grin and bare it.’

Most overrated dress: Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Couture gown

The punchy color was fabulous, but the fit of the dress left a lot to be desired. It did not flatter her bust line or general shape. We prefer seeing this star on the rise in form-flattering styles that are more body conscious.

Most OMG style: Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Jenny from the block never misses an occasion to show off her jaw-dropping physique. Very Britney Spears Toxic Video, this dress gave the illusion that the star was wearing nothing but perfectly placed embellishments. Whether you thought it was too much or just right, this saucy style definitely got your attention.

Prom King and Queen: Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

It was hard to miss this supermodel and A-list actor. The uncomfortably-beautiful Miranda ensured all eyes on her in a sultry Zuhair Murad gown.

Biggest uh-oh style: Sienna Miller in Erdem

This fashionista has topped numerous best dressed lists, which is why it was sad to see the blonde beauty in this misshaped granny style ensemble. From the Marcia Brady patterns to the boxy cut, this look was a definite no.

Most awkward acceptance speech: Jodi Foster

We do appreciate a bold, controversial speech as much as the next awards fan, but this one was a little too all over the place for us. It was definitely touching at times, but 5 minutes shorter would have been ideal.

Which moments caught your attention?