2013 Golden Globes wrap-up

The Golden Globes, the Oscars’ more laid-back, fun-loving cousin, is a hugely entertaining soiree. The actors are relaxed, the speeches more spontaneous, and the energy high. So instead of just discussing who looked fab and who looked drab, we decided to look at who got us talking on one of Hollywood’s most glam nights.

Most ‘please look at me’ moment: Eva Longoria in Pucci

We’re all for edgy dresses and sexy slits, but we thought this Emilio Pucci number was a little much for such a formal event. We get it Eva, you’re smokin’!

Safest dress: Amy Adams in Marchesa

Unless you’re a minivan, safe is not usually something you want to be on a red carpet. And unfortunately for Amy Adams, that’s how we felt about her Marchesa dress. While the star looked pretty, this nude style simply washed her out.

Funniest presenters: Kristin Wig and Will Pharell

You can always tell when SNL veterans take the stage as opposed to shy actors reading off telepromoters. These comic geniuses brought on the laughs with their faux, theatrical movie descriptions.

Most spot-on joke: Tina Fey on Taylor Swift

From suggesting she go after Michael J Fox’s son to telling the country star she needs some ‘me-time,’ Tina Fey’s tips for Ms Swift were some of the best jokes of the night. While they unfortunately did not show Taylor’s reaction, we can guess she did her best ‘grin and bare it.’

Most overrated dress: Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Couture gown

The punchy color was fabulous, but the fit of the dress left a lot to be desired. It did not flatter her bust line or general shape. We prefer seeing this star on the rise in form-flattering styles that are more body conscious.

Most OMG style: Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Jenny from the block never misses an occasion to show off her jaw-dropping physique. Very Britney Spears Toxic Video, this dress gave the illusion that the star was wearing nothing but perfectly placed embellishments. Whether you thought it was too much or just right, this saucy style definitely got your attention.

Prom King and Queen: Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

It was hard to miss this supermodel and A-list actor. The uncomfortably-beautiful Miranda ensured all eyes on her in a sultry Zuhair Murad gown.

Biggest uh-oh style: Sienna Miller in Erdem

This fashionista has topped numerous best dressed lists, which is why it was sad to see the blonde beauty in this misshaped granny style ensemble. From the Marcia Brady patterns to the boxy cut, this look was a definite no.

Most awkward acceptance speech: Jodi Foster

We do appreciate a bold, controversial speech as much as the next awards fan, but this one was a little too all over the place for us. It was definitely touching at times, but 5 minutes shorter would have been ideal.

Which moments caught your attention?

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