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Is your bedroom your oasis or just a place for you to pass out after a long day?  If your room doesn’t reflect your personal style, then perhaps it’s time for a little makeover.

We’ve put together 5 snazzy bedroom decors – which one catches your fancy?


This room is ideal for the fashionista who’s all about sleek lines, bold colors, and a generally modern aesthetic. If your dream look includes black stilettos, an LBD, and a vamp red purse, we picture you in this mod room. Very minimalistic chic.


Bohemian décor is for the hipster lady who dresses only for herself. She’s always on the hunt for original accessories, and prides herself on her one-of-a-kind finds. We see her in a cozy bedroom with her pictures and artwork decorating the walls. Every inch of her space is a reflection of her taste and personality.


If you fancy yourself a posh princess, we’re pretty sure you already make your bedroom as lovely as can be. For you, it’s all about details, details, details. Your room is neat and tidy and your furniture is designer all the way.


Does your wardrobe revolve around timeless dresses, black dress pants, pearls, and blouses? If yes, you need a gorgeous bedroom that makes you feel at home. No Avant-Garde paintings here – we’re seeing cozy white duvets, traditional artwork, and warm wallpaper.


While we admit that not many ladies out there have space style, we’d like to think there are at least some adventurous gals who would enjoy this décor. One thing’s for sure: your guests will definitely be in awe – if not a little afraid!

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