Super Bowl Sunday – Girls’ night in

As the buzz heightens for every man’s favorite day of the year, plan an evening that will excite you both. Besides the game itself and the commercials of course, Super Bowl snacks are one of the key highlights.

While the boys gather in front of the television for a night of football, beer, and fried chicken, plan a menu that will allow you and the girls to stick to your “get fit” New Year’s resolution.

To help you get inspired, we’ve mustered up some delicious and healthy Super Bowl Sunday alternatives.


Instead of sticking to the typical nachos and dip, replace the nachos with vegetables. Keep the energy alive with nutritious home-made green dips like guacamole, low fat spinach dip, and black bean salsa.

Everyone loves a good saucy, deep fried chicken wing on the big day. Get your wing fix without all the calories by replacing them with bite size pieces of grilled buffalo chicken.

Main dishes

Pizza is always a timeless attendee on the menu. Instead of ordering in, we suggest making Portobello pizzas. Simply, fill a cap of a Portobello mushrooms with light tomato sauce, low-fat mozzarella cheese, and sprinkle some herbs like basil and bake. If your girls are pepperoni lovers, replace the slices with low fat turkey sausage.

Who doesn’t adore a good crunchy side dish of fries? Get your fry fix by cutting yams into long strips. Spray some olive oil with a sprinkle of sea salt and broil until crispy.


No evening is complete without a sweet delight. End your Super Bowl affair with scrumptious strawberries covered in dark chocolate. If you’re feeling ambitious, decorate  them as mini footballs.

Here you have it! Super Bowl Sunday made healthy!

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