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What’s hot and what’s not in 2013

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While the whole messy bedhead look certainly had it’s run, right now it’s all about polished, bouncy blowouts. Though the look obviously takes more time (ugh), it has a nice chic appeal that’ll have you feeling Kate Middleton perfect.



From feathered earrings to long, bohemian style jewels, a bold gypsy look is all the rage. If you consider your style to be more minimalist, try easing into the trend with more subtle interpretations such as these delicate earrings. Add an exotic appeal to your daily look and retire those chunky stones.



Big boxy shopper bags have been spotted all over the runways this season. These sleek’n’chic styles are so modern, we’re sure you’ll get away with sporting them for years to come. What we’re over? Bags with fur trim. So 2011.



The days of Carrie Bradshaw strutting around town in her sky high stilettos feels like ages ago. Now it’s all about chunky, thick heels. While easier to walk in, they can appear bulky depending on your frame. Look for a pair with edge yet still uber-feminine. We love these by Calvin Klein.



We’re kind of happy that round sunglasses are making their way out. We think only a few trendy starlets pulled off this hip ‘60s look anyway (Sienna Miller comes to mind). What’s big this minute? Huge, almost futuristic styles. Not for the demure lady, these look-at-me shades are reserved for the adventurous type.

Elisabetta Fantone showcases her iconic Marilyn Monroe paintings

She’s painted for celebrities the likes of Celine Dion and the Kardashians, and now Elisabetta Fantone has brought her unique, artistic creations to BTR.

Always inspired by the arts, Elisabetta has been a force to be reckoned with for years. In 2006, she created her first collection of acrylic on canvas called “Various Faces” that garnered her a lot of attention as an artist. In 2007, her hit single “Feel” hit the radio and reached 2nd position on the Top 10 Mixdown Countdown.

Adding to her long list of accomplishments, she co-wrote her autobiography and has played in a wide variety of roles on numerous television and cinematographic projects.

When it comes to art, Elisabetta has always wanted to share her interpretations of pop culture with the world. And her most recent work, entitled ‘Marilyn,’ depicts one of the most recognized celebrities in history.

“I present images, primarily portraits of iconic figures in a sensationalistic approach, at times in rebellious behavior and at times in a fragile state,” she says.

These Marilyn Monroe reproductions are only available for a limited time. Pick up your piece today, autographed by the star herself.

Read our Q&A with the multitalented artist:

Q: You were on the hit reality show Loft Story, you’ve recorded a single, co-written your autobiography, and of course you act and painted for celebrities like the Kardashians and Celine Dion. Of all your passions, which one would you say is your greatest?

A: I wouldn’t be able to just pick one as all of my passions make me feel balanced and complete. Acting and painting are what I’m putting all my focus on at the moment. If I’m not doing one I’m doing the other. I also feel like my passions are intertwined as my work as a painter is inspired by music and cinema.

Q: How would you describeyour art?

A: Modern Pop Art.

Q: What inspired you to paint iconic celebrities?

A: I am stimulated by some of the world’s greatest icons of yesterday and today. I create famous portraits and my images are frequently influenced by the pop culture of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. I have always been enthralled with the hope of sharing my personal outlook of the world of cinema, glamor, beauty and celebrities. My work is motivated by my related experiences of the alluring entertainment world. I like to paint celebrities that have an interesting story and I like to portray that story through their eyes.

Q: Let’s talk about your personal home décor style – what type of art do you like to hang in your home?

A: Funny enough my place is actually very zen. I’m a minimalist.  My whole place is very modern &  white.  I’m into pop art and some abstract art as well…mix media pieces…I’m looking at getting an Andy Warhol and pieces from actors and singers that also moonlight as painters. I would love to also get one of David Bowie’s artworks for instance.

Q: Do you have any style tips to share?

A: I believe in less is more. I also love the mix of styles such as having a clean modern place and adding some interesting antique pieces to bring in warmth and personality which is something I’m planning to do for my next home. Like I mentioned right now my place is very zen and white since I’m living on the beach I was looking at having a place filled with light and freshness.

Q: What can we expect from you in the future?

A: I have two movies coming out soon. Havana 57 which was shot in Cuba and in which I play one of the leads, Juliana and a TV film for Nickelodeon called ‘Nickey Deuce’ directed by Jon Rosenbaum and in which I play the role of Lorraine. I also have two art shows coming up, one in Vancouver in April at the Kurbatoff Gallery and one in Montreal in June at the Gallery203.

Follow her on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

Night out on the town – shop glam and casual looks

Sometimes finding a flawless outfit for a night out can seem impossible. To help you get inspired, we’ve gathered some show stopping looks. Whether you’re getting glammed up for a girl’s night out or a casual drink at a bar, you’re sure to command attention when you walk into a room with these BTR styles.

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