It’s time for spring cleaning – shop organizing essentials today

With winter weather beginning to thaw, thoughts of spring cleaning abound.  For most of us, this annual event of getting rid of the old to make room for the new can be daunting.  Lucky for you, we have some organizing tips to help you whip your home into shape so you can rejuvenate your space.

Create a cleaning caddy

From gloves to sprays and soaps, keep all of your cleaning instruments together in a portable bucket. This will speed up the process and ensure your tools are easily accessible.

Reorganize your closet

Rearrange your closet and make room for your spring wardrobe by taking storage to new heights.  Try stacking boxes and adding shelves below your hanging coats, blouses, dresses, and more. A great way to cycle your cold and warm weather apparel.

Keep your entryway neat and tidy 

Nobody likes walking into a chaotic home. Avoid a footwear mess by the door by installing shoe racks, and an overstuffed closet with hooks for coats and accessories.

The bathroom

Hate the mess of shampoo and conditioner bottles littering the side of your tub?  Try a hanging a 2-tier shower caddy to keep your bath essentials neatly arranged. A much more zen environment for your at-home spa.

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