Yummy Mummy Club founder Erica Ehm picks her top Mother’s Day gifts

Becoming a mom is a life-changing adventure that provides overwhelming love and joy, but also a whole new slew of anxieties. Sometimes you just need another mommy to hear you out, bounce ideas off of, and just be a shoulder to lean on.

Nobody knows that better than Erica Ehm, founder and publisher of the YummyMummyClub.ca Erica created YMC as an online community where moms can share tips, learn hands-on advice, and take a moment for themselves.

We’re excited to have Erica picking her top selections for Mother’s Day April 24-26. Look for her icon on BTR to shop all her favorites.

Read our Q&A with the hard working mom of two to discover new fashion tips and to find out which items she can’t live without.

Q: What inspired you to create the YMC blog?

A: Nine years ago, I hosted and co-produced a TV series called Yummy Mummy. When we finished production on that show, I wanted to continue the conversation with moms on how to survive modern motherhood. So seven years ago I started a tiny little blog called YummyMummyClub.ca. After building over 300 pages singlehandedly, I realized I was onto something. Clearly moms were looking for information, community and inspiration – and that’s what we built. Today, we have close to 50 bloggers writing amazing articles about fashion, food, parenting, design, work/life, fitness and news relevant to busy moms. We were just awarded best Canadian Lifestyle/Entertainment site, which is a huge accomplishment.

Q: As a working mom, how do you find balance juggling your career, motherhood, marriage and more?

A: Balance? What’s that? I don’t have balance in my life. My life is more like a rollercoaster, with unpredictable highs and lows. I’m lucky because both my husband and I work from home. This gives some stability for my family life. But I work a lot! My kids have grown up with a mom who is passionate about her career – hopefully I’m a role model for them to live their dreams like I do every day. The key is to have an amazing partner. My husband respects what I do for a living and takes full responsibility for raising our kids with me.

Q: Name the 3 best products ever invented for a mom.

A: That’s a great question! iphone – allows me to multi-task and even keep the kids busy. Microwave for quick meals when you’re in a rush. Minivan – my home away from home.

Q: You often hear jokes about “mom” jeans or mom’s outdated fashions. What are some tips to maintaining a stylish wardrobe that is still functional for an active mom?

A: The problem for many of us is once you have kids, you tend to focus your energies and your dollars on your children. They’re expensive little beings. So updating our wardrobe isn’t always top priority. But, it’s so important to take care of ourselves, and even put ourselves first when we can. Moms need to remember they’re women first and take some time to find some a variety of new pieces every season. You need a good pair of jeans. You should get a few solid tops to mix and match. And go for one more flamboyant showpiece for your date nights.

Q: What would be your ideal gift for Mother’s Day?

A: Because I work a lot, this year I need to play more. So for Mother’s day, I have my eye on a really funky basic bicycle so we can hit the trails as a family or take off on my own for some me-time. It’s either that, or a great new pair of running shoes to inspire me to run more. I’d also love some hot new workout wear, cuz mummy should look hot when she sweats!

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