Win a Room Makeover with Interior Designer Shirley Meisels

Get that much closer to your dream home by teaming up with interior designer Shirley Meisels in our Room Makeover Contest. Enter for a chance to win a consultation with Shirley to revamp any room in your house.

Post a photo of the room you want to redecorate on BTR’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page. Link the photo to @beyondtherack and hashtag #BTRDecor and you could win the grand prize – a $500 shopping credit towards BTR home.

Post your photo between Saturday November 2nd at 5pm and Tuesday November 5th at midnight ET.

We’re also excited to have Shirley picking her favorite home décor items. Look for her stamp on our BTR events to shop all of her favorites finds.

Discover the latest trends in home décor in our Q&A with Shirley!

1)      Where do you look to for design inspiration?

I pour over European magazines, particular anything from the UK.  I find the English style to be fun, colorful and so much more daring than anything we gravitate towards here – not to mention the architecture!

2)      Many people like the idea of updating their decor for the holiday season. What are some easy and cost efficient ways to transition your home?

I love the idea of fresh seasonal flowers and greens throughout the house, and what’s great about them at this time of year is that they really last and often dry beautifully.  Pair an arrangement with pillar candles to add a warm glow and scent.  This is an easy way to instantly dress a table top, powder room or mantle.

3)      In your opinion, what’s the biggest design faux pas?

Scale!  I find that lots of people have nice taste…they just don’t know how one piece of furnishing relates to another or how it will feel in the room.  Sofas are often overstuffed; art is too small, lamps to insignificant to anchor the room.  It’s all about proportion.

4)      Your aesthetic is described as “modern, yet warm and approachable”. Are there any design rules that you follow?

I tend to like mixing things up; Materials such as wood with metal, gold with silver color and pattern. I think having things not match so precisely lends to a more relaxed “accidental” aesthetic – even though it’s all been very well planned!

5)      What are some of the latest trends in design which can be easily incorporated in refreshing your décor?

Brass is making a comeback big time in anything from furnishings, lighting and even small accessories like vases.  The “dipped” look is very hot right now as well…painting a chair, table or anything really in a fantastic color. The trick is to only paint partially as if the item had been half “dipped” in a giant pool of pigment almost like a chocolate covered strawberry!

Post you photo now!

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