Mother, wife, actress, philanthropist and now fashion designer – it appears that there is very little that Kathy Hilton cannot do. Mother to Hollywood’s favorite heiresses Paris and Nicky, Mrs. Hilton has traveled the world and is best known for her unforgettable style, etiquette and dedication to her family.

Adding to her impressive resume, this week Kathy joins BTR as our celebrity picker. Look for events marked with the Kathy Hilton stamp to shop her favorite BTR finds now!

And read our Q&A with the trendsetting designer to hear what she has to say about the holidays, her family, her career, her new line of evening wear for women and much more.

For this multitasker, we get the feeling that the best is yet to come!

BTR- When dealing with the person who has everything, how do you find the perfect holiday gift?

I like to consider it my specialty!  I am a total planner when it comes to holiday gifts for my friends and family—I usually start thinking about it 4-5 months in advance!  I’m constantly traveling so there are always great things I come across that no one else will have, which is key.  You really have to get creative with people who have everything but that’s the best part—I get to go all out and think of the best possible gifts for that particular person.  Sometimes it can be as simple as a nice dinner out; just spending time with the person is always an excellent gift!

BTR- What is the best holiday gift you have ever received?

A few years ago my family gave me a gold pendant with all of their names engraved on it and I truly believe that it’s the best holiday gift I have ever received. It is so beautiful and so special.

BTR- Can you share your most memorable holiday experience?

My most memorable holiday experience is the last Christmas that my mother was alive. We were all out in the country on the east coast and it was just our family. It was the perfect movie moment. The snow was falling so peacefully and everyone was in their pajamas and socks. We decorated the Christmas tree, sang our favorite Christmas songs, cooked a large dinner together and watched Christmas movies.  Can’t get more perfect than that!

BTR- Your family is renowned for their sense of style – what goes in to choosing that perfect party dress?

The perfect party dress is always in the fit—it has to be the right dress for your body—accentuating everything you WANT to show off and it always hides what it needs to.  You also never want to go overboard on any one particular detail—too much sparkle or too much lace is never a good thing.  There’s always a happy medium you can find for a perfect party dress.

BTR- Why did you choose to get involved in the evening wear industry?

I was approached by Steve Lang, President of Mon Cheri, to design gorgeous evening gowns and I have always had such a passion for design—it was a dream come true!  I also really felt that there was a lack of beautiful, quality, timeless evening wear dresses out there for women that don’t want to break the bank but want to look elegant so when the opportunity presented itself I couldn’t pass it up.

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