The Best and Worst Dressed of the People’s Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Awards gives fans the platform to voice their opinions on their favorite entertainers. But let’s be honest, the real buzz for us fashionistas is all about who wore what!

So let’s get down to what really matters…our nominees for best and worst dressed for 2014’s People’s Choice Awards.

Best Dressed:

Jennifer Hudson – Wow! She definitely flaunts a stunning silhouette in this Kaufmanfranco dress. Those shoes make it look as if she’s floating above the red carpet.

Nina Dobrev – This mini vixen awed us in her Jenny Packham number. Elegant, classy, and refined. The dress covered her from neck to below the knee, and yet there was no denying its sexiness.

Beth Behrs – The 2 Broke Girls star looked anything but cheap in this beautiful gown. The slit at the center of the skirt showed just the right amount of leg.

Olga Fonda – Poised and confident, Olga Fonda wasn’t afraid to show off some skin. The mixed media construction of the dress pulls the entire look together for an alluring ensemble.

Cheryl Burke – She danced her way into our hearts with this sequined, strapless mini. The design really accentuates her feminine curves.

And the winner for Best Dressed is…Nina Dobrev!

Worst Dressed:

Emily Deschanel – We think this Max Azria dress was meant to look vintage, but not everything out of your grandmother’s closet is a fashion gold-mine. The peach color wreaks havoc with her skin tone, and the ensemble is a shapeless mess.

Malin Akerman – That plunging neckline does nothing to flatter her bosom. The design on the dress is something from a kitschy art print.

Naya Rivera – Usually the Glee star hits a home run with her red carpet looks. Unfortunately, last night she struck out with this dress. It looks more like something you would wear for a day date, not for an awards’ show. Coupled with her uncoiffed hair, this look was a bad choice.

Cassie Scerbo – Please don’t take us to your leader, Cassie Scerbo! This blazer and shorts duo looked more like something out of science fiction than reality. The metallic accents looked cheap, and the shorts were unflattering.

Sandra Bullock – Though she took home the award for Favorite Comedic Movie Actress, she did not win an award for Best Dressed. This floral inspired print did nothing for us, and the bold, white waistband looked terribly out of place.

And the “winner” for Worst Dressed is…Cassie Scerbo!

What do you think? Agree with our choices? Let us know!