Kate Moss Celebrates Her 40th

Kate Moss Celebrates Her 40th

A seemingly timeless beauty, British supermodel Kate Moss celebrates her 40th birthday today. Discovered at only 14 years old, Kate has had a long and prosperous career that spans almost three decades. Her secret – a rock n’ roll attitude, envious style and the most gorgeous cheekbones we’ve ever seen. These qualities and so much more make her a muse to some of the fashion industry’s most iconic photographers, artists and designers.

So what’s new for Kate? How about the release of writer Chris Roberts’ Kate Moss, a biographical book chronicling her life and times? Beautiful images and revealing text paint a vivid picture of Kate’s earlier catwalk days, her battle with drugs, her style evolution and so much more.

In celebration of the glamour lady’s 40th, we take a look at some of Kate’s most memorable fashion moments.

From all of us at Beyond the Rack, Happy birthday Kate!

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  1. Nell says:

    Love Kate Moss and this post :)

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