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Shopping for a new pair of sunglasses but are at a complete loss as to which frames will best suit the shape of your face? Don’t fret! Today, we’re helping you find your perfect fit. Find your face shape below and read what our stylists have to say about picking your perfect pair.

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1-      Oval: If you have an oval face, then you have the perfect face for glasses. You can wear just about any frame. However, avoid small round spectacles and glasses that are too large. Try Jimmy Choo’s Severine Sunglasses in Brown Violet or Givenchy’s Anders Sunglasses in Burgundy for a little extra color.

2-      Round: When looking for sunglasses, individuals with round faces should think about adding angles. Wider and up-sweep frames are a good fit. Check out the Sasha Sunglasses in Black by Jimmy Choo.

3-      Square: Your face is characterized by sharp corners and lines – strong jawline, wider forehead. Try slightly round frames that are not too small or slimmer frames. They’ll soften your features. Try Jimmy Choo’s Monitque Sunglasses in Dark Havana.

4-      Heart: High, angled cheekbones? We’ll take those please! Balance your face with oval or square frames. Try Jimmy Choo’s Malinda Sunglasses in Purple Panther.

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