BTR V-Day Hollywood Crushes

BTR Celebrity Crushes

We’ve all done it. You know – spend an hour or so daydreaming about that silver screen cutie that simply makes our heart skip a beat. After all, what’s life without a little fantasizing every once in a while?

Today, we’re asking our employees to reveal their Hollywood crushes? Check out our top 10 list below.

The Boys Club

1)      Ryan Gosling: Charmingly Canadian and ab-solutely swoon-worthy, this home-grown heartthrob plays the good boy as well as the bad-ass. Who doesn’t love a good study in contrast?

2)      Joseph Gordon Levitt: Often described as Mr. Perfect, we’re more than ready to set up house with Mr. Levitt.  But where will we live? How about right here on the 3rd Rock from the Sun 😉

3)      Ian Somerhalder: Nicknamed Smolder Holder by his fans, we can hardly get enough of this bad boy. And those eyes….

4)      Sean Penn: This big screen rebel is known for stealing hearts. It’s no wonder he’s got ours.

5)      Henry Cavill: It’s said that the Man of Steel has a soft side. Well, we’re good listeners. He can open up to us.

The Ladies’ Club

1)      Scarlett Johansson: With a name like Scarlett and looks to match, this Hollywood babe is so red-hot.

2)      Blake Lively: Mrs. Ryan Reynolds got an undisputed aye from girls and boys alike. Yep, we definitely love this radiant blond.

3)      Sofia Vergara: Even her name is sexy. Add a sultry accent and we had to open a few windows and turn down the heat.

4)      Halle Barry: Her beauty seems to transcend time. Old and young alike still find her absolutely stunning and can hardly get enough of this Bond Girl.

5)      Eva Mendes: We have a love/hate relationship with Eva. Love her gorgeous curves and kiss-me lips. Hate her because she has our ultimate valentine date; Ryan Gosling.

We’re dying to know. Who’s your Hollywood crush? We can keep a secret.

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