Spring into Action Contest

Spring Cleaning Prize Pack

Time to kick things into high gear and get a fresh start for the new season!  BTR wants to help you get your home and body in shape with our Spring into Action Contest.

Tell us about the most significant life change you’ve made (or plan to make) to spring into action this year for a chance to win our grand prize – a $1000 home and fitness gift pack. To enter share your story as a comment on the BTR Spring into Action Contest post on Facebook. The person with the most likes wins so make sure to tell your friends, family and colleagues.

Contest is valid February 23th 9 AM through February 25th midnight ET. The winner will be announced on our blog and Facebook page.

Prize Pack Includes:

-Big Boss Stainless Steel Juicer

-7″ Android Tablet with Case

-8-Piece Queen Comforter Set

-Microfiber Queen Sheet Set

-50-Pair Shoe Rack

-7-Piece Aluminum Cookware Set

-670 Cardio Connect Heart Rate Monitor

-Essential Yoga 5-piece Beginners Kit

And much more.

9 thoughts on “Spring into Action Contest

  1. Grandmommy Reta

    Reading Muna’s response regarding “…Progress” is the most important thing in a fitness program along with the fact that eating habit changes are essential regardless to the amount of exercise really made sense to me. My 2 year old granddaughter depends on me and I need to make sure I’m there for as a healthy support not someone she has to worry about. My goal is to drop the extra weight and improve my overall health while getting in shape. Looking better would only be an added benefit! At 51 my looks are not as important as being healthy.

  2. Ann

    8+19 makes me a very busy Mom and Grandma. I have 5 daughters and 3 sons. 19 grandchildren. What I discovered was that I was giving so much of myself to the people in my life that I forgot about me. The changes have been slow but in process but I hope to rediscover my value not only as a Mother but as a woman. I want to look good, feel good and remember how to respect myself enough to make others do the same. We get lost sometimes, caught up in life, and forget to live it.

  3. Hugs

    If you don’t have your health its harder to have anything just keep praying and keep your heads above water, the seasons about to change and the best to all that understand that health is important. That and believe it or not your mental health is part of the battle as well no matter how defiant or defeated you feel there is always room for improvements and to better yourself every single day guaranteed. Feeling good is in and out be beautiful :)

  4. Lori Bahn

    Mine will be: Choices on my life priorities, My Choices of how I value time — both mine and others, how I value myself, My choice to bear children & how I decide to raise them, My Choice of the place I reside…These will be changes for me

  5. sabrina

    This year I would like to achieve a higher level of health and maintain it, an internal cleansing and well and external ,so to speak. Am also handicapped and am in constant pain, however I try my best to keep a positive attitude. I plan to try to enjoy life more on the day that I do feel good, and include some more fun activities into my daily life, and learn how to relax more.

  6. Vicky Bergeron

    Depuis le retour des fêtes, je m’entraîne tous les jours à la maison. Je trouve ma motivation dans le fait d’être bien dans sa peau et avoir moins de difficulté dans la flexion des articulations.
    Since the return of the holidays, I practice every day at home. I find my motivation in being good about yourself and have less difficulty in bending joints.

  7. Yvonne Hurst

    First, I will try to beg my kids to help clean their room and bathrooms. Second, I will clean as while as I can third sadly is hire a housecleaning to do the rest. I am disabled so I can only accomplish small tasks. I will do what I can though.

  8. Averil

    My biggest life change was moving to Canada from Ireland with my partner and 3 children and am starting from scratch.

  9. nana

    This year I plan to stay well and healthy! In the past 18 months, I was hospitalized 18 times. I now have a peg/feeding tube, but have already graduated from it to eating by mouth.
    Having lost over 150 lbs during this transition, has enabled me to realize how precious it is to be healthy and keep an eye on yourself and how your body is literally “running”! Just like a car, your battery, your “charge”, is all in your hands and you MUST be aware that the stimuli around you takes a major affect on you.
    My back, my legs, my arms, actually all my limbs, have less pain now that I weigh a whopping 114 pounds. The wear and tear on them is lesser now that my body is less heavy to carry.
    Being a 61 year old mother and grandmother, retired, and considered disabled, I no longer feel that my life is nearing demise. My new goal is having a birthday party to celebrate my 100th year of living life to it’s fullest, plus some!
    My mind seems more clear, less cluttered with insignificant worries or meaningless cares. Focusing on the here and now is much more appealing. Creative juices have started to flow again. Caring, concern and complexities are not important unless you can truly change the outcome of the scenario. Love, devotion and stress free concepts have helped me become more loving, devoted and calm. POSITIVE thinking, versus negativity, is hard to achieve. Yet it is the key to being healthy, mentally and physically. Not all of us can create a constant positivity, it takes power of the mindset. Mind over matter, so to speak, will allow us to become the person with the persona to generate positivity to others.
    Illumination may be the word for placing a general perception for others to imitate or transfer their positivity into the world of such sadness and helplessness.
    I plan to stay happy. Show love. Become more aware of how to share our state of mind to others by being an asset, instead of being a concern.
    Some of us are fortunate to have more than one life. I consider myself as having many. In fact, my true perspective is that we all have many lives to live. We only need to open the doors, walk into them and cherish the new beginnings.
    Therefore, my life change is, and shall be, to be an image for change, not only for myself, but to all I can invite to share these changes with me!
    Be PROFOUND-NOT DUMBFOUNDED! It’s a small world after all and WE are many!


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