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YM is a Canadian company that has been in existence for over 25 years, with stores on the east coast of Canada. Designer Yvonne Marie recognized a common problem with most women shopping for fashion; garments that did not fit properly. She made it her mission to develop a product range that would address most fit issues. Her philosophy is to try the new designs on and to actually wear them for a day or so to ensure that the garment not only fits well, but also moves and feels comfortable throughout the typical day of today’s active woman. This differs greatly from other designers that simply assess the fit of a garment on a model for a couple of minutes.

Yvonne Marie shops the world for interesting fabrics. Her goal has always been to provide fabrics that are comfortable and interesting at the same time. Great emphasis is also placed on unique trims, details and finishes that give the garments very unique looks.

Yvonne has made a commitment to be close to her customer. The feedback she gets from her customers has been a great factor to the success of YM. Yvonne listens to customer’s opinions. Her philosophy is that in order to make the ideal garment for the customer, you need to understand the customer. Yvonne takes this understanding, compiles it with her dynamic designing skills to produce a garment that the customer is proud to wear.

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