BTR Employees Pick: Eclectic Style

Employee Pick Eclectic

At BTR we encourage and embrace diversity. Many of our employees take that adage and display their unique personalities through their eclectic style. Today, we’re featuring 4 of our most colorful colleagues for this month’s edition of BTR Employee Pick. Kassi, Jang-Gyu, Natalie and Chelsea continue to wow us with their outfit choices day after day. Read our Q & A below to hear how they describe their style and shop the events with Employee Pick stamps to see their recent BTR purchases.

Kassi, Content Editor & Copywriter

1) How would you define your style?

If I could define my style, I would say it’s that strange point where adventure and accident meet. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight in the past year so my style is reflective of the fact that I don’t, physically or mentally, have to be as cautious about what I wear. I’m constantly learning what works and what doesn’t work for my body and it’s been a lot of fun. My more fashionable friends have given me a tagline to live by, “Who says you can’t wear houndstooth AND floral?” Who says, is right!

2) What are 5 key pieces that will make up your wardrobe this spring?

The denim jacket, the crop top, anything high-waisted, huaraches, and the collarless blazer.

Jang-Gyu, Traffic Coordinator

1) How would you define your style?

Colorful funky badass

2) What are 5 key pieces that will make up your wardrobe this spring?

To be honest, I don’t have specific items that I’m looking forward to wearing in my wardrobe. It always depends on my mood, the weather and where I’m going. I’m just dying to throw away my long johns and undershirts.

Natalie, Event Receiving Supervisor

1) How would you define your style?

Glam Chic. My outfits generally feature gold, silver and bold tones. I am all about wearing outfits that make me stand out in a crowd. There is also an added touch of class and sophistication tied into my looks.

2) What are 5 key pieces that will make up your wardrobe this spring?

Great hair accessories (like a gold headband), a fitted cropped leather jacket, a great pair of wedge sandals/sneaker wedges and a pair of pumps, a pair of glamorous sunglasses, knee high socks.

Chelsea, Assistant Stylist

1)How would you define your style?

I wouldn’t say I have a specific style, but I sometimes like to push the boundaries and try something a little more edgy or fun.  I like to play around a lot with many different colors and prints and mix and match different pieces together.

2) What are 5 key pieces that will make up your wardrobe this spring?

A must have outfit in my closet this spring will definitely be a cropped top accompanied by a high-waisted skirt. I also can’t go without harem pants and rompers. They are comfortable and fashionable especially topped off with a big chunky necklace.

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