LA Fashion Week – Spotlight on West Coast Designers


Los Angeles is one of the most dynamic, fashion-forward cities in the world. Although LA Fashion Week isn’t as well-known as Paris or New York, it definitely still bears watching. Some of the most up and coming designers show off their imaginative creations, and many of the garments translate more easily to ready-to-wear than the bigger fashion weeks.

The trends were vastly different, with some designers opting for flowing fabrics and feminine lace, whereas others fully embraced leather and shimmering metallics. M the Movement featured accents of shiny black in shorts and jackets. Michael Costello, designer of Beyonce’s latest Grammys dress, showcased elegant fluid gowns.

There were also many more progressive spectacles. Kicka Custom Design wowed onlookers with elaborate Gothic-style, Victorian frocks. Furne One presented sophisticated, Asian-inspired apparel that hearkened back to clothing from the 1800s, but with a futuristic flair.

Nuvula continues this avant-garde trend with their apparel line. Their self-defined philosophy “merges original illustration, rebellion, poetry, theater, and a bit of madness”. And indeed, their designs look to be something out of a sci-fi comic, and happen to be made with sustainable materials to boot. But that is what makes Nuvula amazing. They walk the line between haute-couture art and wearable street clothing, and they do it masterfully. They try to reinvent fashion staples by partitioning a women’s silhouette in new ways. Refreshing, sensual, and compelling are just a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe their line.

The Tart Collection, on the other end of the spectrum, brings you West Coast cool with a dose of poolside glamour. Their line is full of classic style to look great at the beach or out gallivanting in the sun. Their apparel is quintessentially Californian, and transitions well from day to night wear. Heidi Klum, Kourtney Kardashian, and Katy Perry all have some Tart pieces in their arsenal.

Look out for our “LA Fashion Week” stamp on events all weekend to add a little West coast vibe to your wardrobe. We will be featuring Nuvula today, and the Tart Collection on Sunday.

Whether you’re into the surprisingly eclectic, or laid-back chic, BTR has you covered.

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