Tips for Taking the Best Selfies

With the selfie craze as popular as ever (#selfie!), it’s helpful to know how to take your most flattering photo. This is especially true when it comes to your face. Most selfies, along with other portraiture, end up being from the waist up. Small adjustments in facial expression and body language can go a long way into turning the 3D you into a gorgeous 2D representation.

We asked Joshua Jones, our director of Photography and Video Production, to give us some pointers on how to take the perfect photo. Liz Leggett from our Imaging department assisted by being his model. With Josh’s tips, you’ll step up your selfie game in no time!


Hair: It’s important to strategically place your hair. You don’t want to hide your face behind your locks by having them draped over both shoulders, and you don’t want to create a triangular, unnatural shape either. Having hair draped over one shoulder frames your face in a flattering way and allows light to hit your face.


 Chin: The further back your chin is, the more rounded it will look. You want to create a definitive jaw line, and stretch out your neck in an elegant manner. In order to do this, bring your ears towards the camera without straining your neck, and then very slightly lower your chin. In the first photo, Liz’s face is further back, giving her a rounded jaw. In the second photo, her face is pushed outwards and her chin is slightly down, giving it definition. It is a small difference, but it’s an important one!


Arms: If your arms are at your sides, don’t hold them close to your body. It makes your torso look boxy by hiding the definition of your waist. Leave a gap between your body and your arm for an overall slimming effect.


 Waist: Angle your waist towards the camera for a slender-looking frame. Avoid standing in front of the camera head-on.


 Shoulders: Drop your shoulders while posing for a more relaxed look. If you drop one, drop the one closest to the camera. Angling your body the other way, away from the camera, is a much more masculine pose reserved for male fashion models.


 Eyes: Show off the beautiful color of your eyes, not the whites! Minimize the white part of your eyes by looking directly at the camera, or even just by smiling! This is definitely where Tyra Banks’ idea of “smizing” comes in!


 Nose: Angle your face in such a way that your nose doesn’t break your cheek. This means that you want to have ample cheek on both sides of your nose – great for any and all nose types.

Go ahead and practice all of these in front of a mirror, and you’ll never want to use photo filters again.

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