April Fool’s Day Scavenger Hunt


It’s April Fool’s Day and BTR is giving you a chance to win a $750 shopping spree. It’s time to play our Shoe Day Scavenger Hunt!

Forget golden tickets, we have golden shoes!

Find the first and second golden shoes in 9am events, and the final golden shoe in a 5pm event. Don’t worry, even if you miss a start time, the events will be live all day! Decipher the riddles below to figure what kind of shoe I am and which event I’m hiding in.

HINT #1: I won’t be hiding in a shoe event! Too obvious!

HINT #2: The first part of the riddle describes the type of shoe I am, the last line points to the correct event.

Riddle #1: Event starting at 9am EST:

Your vantage point will change, but you’ll still be quite comfortable when you slip me on.

Mechanics call me a simple machine, and indeed, I enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

You can find me amongst items made for something that has a head, a foot, but no body.

Riddle #2: Event starting at 9am EST:

I enjoyed twirling the night away before the clock struck 12.

I’ve chosen to hide amongst a sea of fabric from a country who still has a Queen.

Riddle #3: Event starting at 5pm EST:

I’m the type of shoe that exudes confidence and gives you shapely calves.

Yes, I’ll draw all eyes to you in the center of a room, but I won’t be the room’s star.

That honor is reserved for the items in my hiding spot.

They are big or small, can be any hue of the rainbow, and can twine a hundred sheep in a row.

Once you’ve found all three shoes, take a screen shot of each (instructions below), or let us know which event and page you found them on, then, e-mail btrblog@beyondtherack.com with the info. We will be choosing a winner at random.

Contestants must be a BTR member to win. Contest ends at midnight April 1st, EST.

How to take a screenshot:



Press PrtScn to copy your screen onto your clipboard.

Paste into Microsoft Paint and save.


Use the Snipping Tool


Hold down command and shift, and then press 3. The screenshot has now been saved to your desktop.

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