Imaginative Play with Princess Expressions and Artistic Studios

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BTR loves kids, and today we’re fostering their creativity and imagination with the launch of our Princess Expressions and Artistic Studios events.

Princess Expressions features tutus, boas, wands, gowns, and more. You’ll find everything you need to outfit your little princess. She’ll love flouncing about in her pretty tulle skirt, and adorning herself in a regal tiara. At such low prices, it’s easy to fill your child’s dress-up trunk for fun, imaginative play. Invite a few friends over and host your own princess party!

Artistic Studios brings you officially licensed art and activity sets for kids. The sets feature all their favorite characters: Disney princesses, Marvel superheroes, etc. Your child will always have fun creating their next masterpiece!

Tomorrow, make sure to look out for our Summer Campout with Disney event starting at 9am ET. You’ll find camp chairs, sleeping bags, and more; all the gear you need for outdoor summer fun!

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  1. lovedog123 says:

    i love theway thet this website loves kids that is good

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