Q&A with Tracey Mallett


World-renowned fitness and wellness expert Tracey Mallett continues to revolutionize the exercise world with her body changing techniques. Her credentials include dancer, choreographer, and Master Pilates Instructor. Tracey’s work-outs are specifically designed for on-the-go people who don’t have time for extensive work-outs. Her “Booty Barre” workout is hugely successful and is a growing favorite among celebrities.

Watch her working out with Michelle Obama and a group of excited children on Ellen, here!

On top of her fitness expertise, she is a mother and a wife, and has expanded her talents into the home with tips for party planning, recipes, and motherhood.

We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with her! Here are some of her best tips for a healthier lifestyle:

1) We love the mottos on your website, especially “Get Fit. Eat Right. Live Well. Feel beautiful inside and out.” There is no doubt we all believe it, but so many of us have the challenge of actually living it. With our modern and very busy lifestyles, how do you suggest women actually find the time to know-how to make this happen?

We have to really plan our lifestyle and schedule a workout as you would your doctor’s appointment, otherwise if you leave it to chance it will never happen. I personally schedule my workouts around my work and my children’s activities, as you never know when you can squeeze in a quick workout. There are so many resources now for people to get information for a healthy living, the Internet is a big resource especially YouTube and Facebook through social media. However, it’s important that you do your research and you follow REAL experts with experience.

2) You hold so many titles, including bestselling author, dancer, choreographer, spokesperson, business owner, instructor, educator, and of course wife and mother. Wow, we’re tired just listing them all! What is your single most important suggestion for finding balance amongst all that you do?

I believe it’s hard to achieve balance but we must always strive for this every day. I feel that I’m finally at a place that I feel comfortable with work and family balance as I purposely have my studio close to my home (walking distance) and I make my hours so that after 4pm I switch caps from business owner to Mommy. I’m not saying it’s easy but you have to make choices and sacrifices, I wouldn’t be ME without my lifestyle but I could not live without my children.

3) We all know that diets don’t work and that we need to make broader lifestyle changes to lead a healthier life. How do you motivate women in their diet and weight loss goals long term?

I teach them to look at the big picture, focus on longevity and disease prevention. Whole foods are medicine to nourish the body and should not be looked upon as the enemy. There is no quick fix if you’re looking for a long-term weight loss program. It’s about living a healthy lifestyle with balance between good clean foods and regular exercise.

4) What would you say are the simplest changes you can make for a healthier diet?

Cut out sugar with processed foods and increase your consumption of green vegetables and fruits.

5) How much exercise do you think is “enough” to reap the associated health benefits? How often and for how long do you work out in a week?

30 minutes a day between 4-5 days a week is a good realistic goal. It’s important that you mix-up your workouts so that it’s balanced with cardio, strength training and flexibility. I personally workout 5-6 days a week mixing running, BootyBarre and Pilates.

6) What would you say are the biggest obstacles for leading a healthier life and how can they be overcome?

Time is one of the biggest for exercise, unfortunately we just have to find the time somehow, someway, and if we want more time later in life then this is definitely a pre-requisite to be able to achieve this. Not eating good nutritious food, due to lack of education and understanding what the right and wrong foods are to consume plus portion size distortion is another factor. You can overcome this by taking some time to educate yourself about food through books, Internet or investing in seeing a personal trainer/nutritionist.

Motivation is another hindrance but until you start to make good choices then it’s hard to become motivated but once you do start to see results this perpetuates motivation. Music for me is a huge motivation as soon as you hear the beat of the music you just can’t help but move and that’s what it’s all about!

For even more, check out her website at traceymallett.com.

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