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Sharon Sacks is an internationally sought after celebrity event planner and lifestyle guru. She is the president and founder of the Los Angeles-based event production company, Sacks Productions. Her illustrious career includes impressive clients: President Clinton, Kim Kardashian, Pierce Brosnan, Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lopez, and many more. All have entrusted their precious memories to her expertise. She works by the motto that every event is “its own piece of art”.

Do you have an upcoming event that you need help planning? Enter our contest to win a 1 hour consultation with Sharon Sacks, herself! Ask her a question on our Facebook page, and we will randomly select a winner from amongst the best questions. Contest ends Thursday April 17th, midnight ET. You’ll get the inside scoop on how to plan the perfect party!

Here are the questions that we asked Sharon about party planning, working with celebrities, and more:

1) As an internationally sought after event planner who has worked with society’s elite, from US Presidents to famous athletes to Hollywood celebrities and royalty, how do you consistently come up with fresh new ideas to please some of the world’s toughest clients?

Creating trends is about finding inspiration everywhere you look. I am always searching for something that’s different, unique, but also palatable. I love to travel, and I draw inspiration from the architecture, color, patterns, music, and even scents I encounter around the world. I take this same perspective with me even when I’m at home. I like to sit outside in my garden when I’m planning an event. It can be so calming, which helps me clear my mind and allows creativity to flow.

2) It’s so many event planners’ dream to work with the clientele you have – how did you manage to make the connections to build your impressive client list?

I started my career planning events for the owner of Motion Pictures Studios. I learned so much during my time there, and received great acclaim for my events. When I decided to start my own business, my mentor was more than happy to share the news with his friends and colleagues, which is what helped launch Sacks Productions. From then on all my business came from referrals and recommendations from past clients. I love what I do, and I’m so blessed that I get to play an intimate role in planning my clients’ celebrations. That personal bond shows in our work, which has helped my business grow into what it is today.

3) A beautiful table sets the stage and creates visual impact for your guests. You recently released a dinnerware line for Lenox that showcases designs both elegant and sophisticated. How did this partnership materialize and will you be expanding into other categories in the future?

I’ve always believed that the key to creating truly memorable events lies in the details. It’s all about pulling together dazzling pieces and unique flourishes that together create a personal and unforgettable experience. While my events may have celebrity sized budgets, my favorite designs and visuals can be replicated on any scale. When I met with Lenox, they were so supportive as I let my ideas and inspirations pour out. I knew immediately that we were on the same page, I could not be happier with our collaboration. I am so proud of the beautiful collection that they helped make a reality. Of course I’m always thinking ahead about creating other collections, but for now I am mostly focused on my clients and making their dream events come true.

4) What is your favorite party you have ever planned, and why?

Whenever I hear this question I smile, because it’s still impossible for me to choose! Every event I plan represents a personal connection I’ve built with the client, and they all truly resonate with me for different reasons. They are each personal to me, and for that reason they are all my favorites.

5) We all wonder what famous people are like in real life – after working with so many, what would you say we’d be most surprised to learn?

In my experience, they have been gentle, kind, sensitive, and unbelievably appreciative. Celebrities are also extremely creative and dynamic; they work in a world where they are constantly exposed to unique and elaborate sets, stages, locations and costumes. I’m continually surprised by the unique ideas and energy they each of my clients shares with me, which makes them incredibly fun to work with.

6) Even with the best organizational skills, things can often go wrong with an event. What was the craziest thing that has happened and were you able to save the day?

I once did a wedding where the entire ceiling was built to look like a secret garden. We had everything approved by the fire marshal, all of our permits were in place and we began dressing the ceiling. The original fire marshal was replaced and two days before the wedding the new fire marshal came in and told us that we needed to have a sprinkler system put in. We had done our homework, but things change and in this industry and you need to be able to adapt. I took a deep breath, processed the situation, and got back to work. We put a sprinkler system in place, everything was approved and the wedding was a huge success.

7) Who is more difficult to work with – a bride or a celebrity?

I think it’s important to remember that every bride is the celebrity of her wedding. On that day, she is the absolute center of attention. Likewise, when a celebrity is a bride, her wedding day is not about her public persona. A wedding is an incredibly personal and emotional event that resonates with all brides equally. I’m happy to help all my clients through every stage of the journey, not matter the obstacles.

8) What is the one thing the “amateur” party planner is most likely to overlook when planning an event?

An amateur is most likely to overlook the importance of their relationship with the client. That bond is what builds the event and your business. It’s all about the client and how you can make every event meaningful and unforgettable. It is also important remember to listen and really hear what your bride wants, and not just go by your own tastes and preferences. It’s easy for an amateur overlook the little things, but those elements are often the ones that mean the most to your bride and groom.

9) What tips would you give the everyday party planner to create a memorable event for their guests?

At the end of the day, creating a memorable event isn’t just about spending money. It’s about emotion and what you can do to create those moments for everyone.

Find more information on Sacks Productions here.

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