Rockin’ Baby Slings – Maternity Day at BTR


Today we’re featuring apparel and lingerie for the mom-to-be, baby accessories, and more.

Check out Rockin’ Baby, known for its stylish, high-quality baby slings and pouches. They’re a company with a conscience. For every sling sold, they donate a new one to a Haitian mother in need, while educating her on the importance it holds in her baby’s life. A sling makes it easier to love, nurture and breastfeed her baby, and also keeps her arms free for gathering food and water.

By purchasing a Rockin’ Baby sling, you are impacting another mother’s life in a huge way. Babies will be healthier, happier, and will begin their life in a more fulfilled and optimistic way. From you, to them, Mother to Mother.

Here’s a video of their very first Haitian Sling Drop:

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