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We’ve teamed up with Chef Anthony Elman from Iron Chef America to bring you a culinary surprise! Enter our Pinterest contest to win $750 worth of kitchen must-haves!

The steps to enter are simple:

1) Click here and enter your email and Pinterest username.

2) Create a board titled “My Favorite Long Weekend Recipes

3) Pin your best recipes for hot summer days

4) Our celebrity chef will pick his favorite!

Contest ends May 25th, midnight ET.

But who is Chef Anthony Elman? He is the marketing mastermind behind the Iron Chef Cuisine Meal Kits, as well as a classically trained chef. We were lucky enough to ask him a few questions on summer entertaining:

1) What are your 5 favorite kitchen/cooking tools? The ones that you couldn’t live without?

A gigantic wood cutting board

Knives, knives and more knives!


Wooden spoons

A Japanese mandoline

2) The season of long weekends has officially begun! What is your number 1 summer main dish? Easy to make, of course!

During the summer season you can pick up zucchini blossoms at your local Farmer’s Market. I stuff them with sautéed mushrooms, onions and ricotta. Then, I dredge them in a bath with egg, flour and panko bread crumbs and seasoning.

3) Long live the BBQ! Describe your perfect burger. How would you grill it and what would you put on it?

The perfect burger would consist of medium ground sirloin.

Grate the onion using a fairly fine grater, so you get the juice of the onion.

Mix salt and pepper and a dash of Worchester sauce.

Form into 8 ounce patties.

Place patties in the fridge to chill and get formed, fire up the grill and away you go!

My burgers have a toasted bun, spicy mayo, grilled onion and mushrooms, and a dollop of guacamole. Squish and enjoy!

4) How do you make sure that you’ve cooked the perfect Medium, Medium Rare, and/or Well-Done steak on the BBQ? Do you have a particular method for each temperature?

Touch your thumb and forefinger together and press on the fleshy part below your thumb – it should feel soft to the touch with your other forefinger and a little bouncy. This is how a rare steak feels.

Touch your thumb and middle finger together and press on the fleshy part below your thumb – there’s some give and it’s springy to the touch. A medium steak will feel the same.

Touch your thumb and little finger together and press on the fleshy part below your thumb – there’s no give and it’s quite firm. This is what a well-done steak feels like.

Check out this link for photos.

5) What should you keep stocked in your pantry (or fridge) during the summer at all times?

Fresh berries, peaches, coconut milk, fresh herbs, coriander, rosemary, thyme, scallions, and of course the Iron Chef America Cuisine Solutions.

6) What is your process when you plan a menu for entertaining? How do you decide what to prepare? Do you have a rule of thumb on how much to make?

My general rule of thumb is to cook much more than you need, people can go home with doggie bags. When planning any menu, try and see a canvas and what you need to complete your master piece. Grab a cook book with lots of pictures or Google images of meals you would like to create, get a visual and start your journey.

Farmer’s markets are amazing for inspiration and a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

7) What would your summer party menu look like for a party of 10 people or more?

Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

Summer mixed green Asian salad


Crisp Asparagus

Grilled Peppers and Mushrooms

New York Strip Sliced

Jumbo Grilled Shrimp

Sesame Crusted Salmon

Roasted fingerling potatoes with rosemary and smoked paprika

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