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Nikki Chu

Haute Home Inspiration: Q&A With Nikki Chu

Looking for dazzling home updates? Set the scene with the all-new Nikki Chu Collection for the latest in home décor trends – a collection of elegant details, rich hues, and classic metallics. As the home design and lifestyle expert featured on HGTV, Food Network, and E!, she knows a thing or two about adding classic glamour to any room. We sat with Nikki for some hot tips and trends as well as some inside info on how she stays so on-trend as a busy entrepreneur.

Q. When did you first realize that design was your passion? And in what way has fashion influenced your creative process?

A. I’ve been creating since before I can even remember, and I have the baby pics to prove it! From a young age I was never without a pen and a pair of scissors in my hand, always drawing and crafting. As I got older, I loved rearranging my bedroom furniture, to the frustration of my mother, who had her work cut out for her trying to keep everything in order. As a teen, my love for fashion became integrated with my love of crafting and I started creating my own designs from up-cycled flea market finds – I was always doing something crafty and artistic.

Serving Set

Q. Any tips for a whole-home refresh? What advice would you give to incorporate old standbys (furniture, rugs, heirlooms etc.) with new trends?

A. I love combining old and new trends, and sometimes the smallest adjustment can go a long way in integrating a piece. Try switching some of the handles on an old dresser, for example, or updating a frame on an old mirror. If you are willing to be a bit more experimental, metallic spray paint can really give an object a fresh new look. In fact, I had this old Japanese-style folding screen that I wasn’t sure how to integrate into my collection, so I spray painted it with metallic silver in a really distressed style, so that the raw wood showed through the paint – and now i just love how it blends in perfectly with the rest of my collection!

Q. How do you stay inspired as a busy, time-pressed entrepreneur?

A. Social media is great – through Pinterest and Instagram, I can stay literally up-to-the-minute on the latest trends in home and fashion, in addition to discovering new artists and designers. Additionally, trend shows always offer inspiration, as well as places I come across on my travels, including the distinctive glamour of hotel lobbies.

Q. What was your biggest source of inspiration for the Imax collection? And what do you predict for the future of interior décor trends?

A. Mixing metals. For a while, silver was the go-to trend for home and now that gold has been making a comeback, I thought, why should a person have to choose? In my opinion, the idea that all metallics have to be matchy-matchy is a bit dated. I wanted to see something more fresh and experimental, while incorporating trends that were already in people’s homes.

Glam Accents and Gold Knots

Q. What is your favorite piece from your own personal collection?

A. I’d have to say my gold knots. I love to give them to friends as housewarming gifts. You can use them as a kind of modern centerpiece, or get a few in different sizes, or use them as bookends, etc.

So with that advice in mind, check out the Nikki Chu collection for affordable luxury and one-of-a-kind details to adorn your whole home. All that glitters is all you need!