Get out of town in tip top style with handpicked travel essentials and versatile fashion finds. We asked Megan, our luggage buyer and travel expert, for some quick pointers to help simplify and smooth your travel experience.

travel essentials

Packing Prep
How much is really necessary to spend on luggage? It seems that no matter how much you spend, something always breaks, whether it’s a zipper or those flimsy telescoping handles. That’s why it’s important, whether your luggage costs $50 or $300, to choose a set that offers a 10-year worldwide warranty. Another great tip: choose a colorful, flashy set rather than boring black. Not only are you more likely to spot it on the conveyor belt at the airport, but it’s less likely to get stolen, and easier to identify if something does go missing.
Get organized with a good set of packing cubes. Especially if you are hitting up multiple destinations, these are perfect for keeping your stuff compartmentalized so that you don’t need to dig through your entire luggage just to find that perfect outfit for the beach. Keep one aside just for dirty clothes so things don’t get mixed up.


Make a Checklist
Now that your luggage is ready, take note and come up with a full checklist of things you’ll need on your trip. Take the time to plan each outfit using versatile coordinates from your closet. By being thoroughly prepared, you’ll ensure that you don’t over-pack and get nailed with weight restriction fees. You’ll need:
Shoes – choose versatile flats, which are perfect for walking and can be dressed up or down as the occasion requires
Wool socks, which are lightweight and double as slippers
Versatile layers. The perfect way to prepare for temperature fluctuations, choosing solid colors makes it easier to mix and match
An extra handbag: A nylon folding tote, as well as a clutch/tote combo with crossbody strap is functional and on-trend.
A chunky statement necklace – a great day-to-night piece

For Your Carry-On
Always pack a backup outfit in your carry-on – you never know when a delay or lost luggage incident will strike. Additionally, you’ll need these basics:
A hat to cover your hair (they won’t let you bring dry shampoo on the plane)
Noise-canceling headphones – Beats by Dre are perfect!
A cosmetics bag with wipes, BB cream, powder, lipstick, lip balm and mascara
A travel pillow

For the plane ride

For the Plane
No matter how short your flight, always make sure to wear something comfortable, like a loose-fitting top and leggings or jeggings. A cozy blanket scarf doubles as a fashion accessory and cozy blanket to snuggle up with. It’s best to avoid wearing makeup on the plane, as the recirculated air can lead to nasty breakouts. If you must, however, it’s a good idea to wear your makeup to the airport, take it off just after boarding, and re-apply right before landing. On a related note, if you are considering getting a deep facial, it’s best to do after you arrive at your destination, and not before getting on the plane, since your pores will be wide open to dirt and germs.
Extra tip: make sure to get up and walk around to avoid ankle swelling.

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