You’ve seen her flair for fashion on Vanderpump Rules, as well as on her own personal blog, Pucker and Pout. Today, she’s taking questions and offering her expertise for some red hot inspiration for date night done right! With Valentine’s Day approaching, read on for some handy tips to look and feel your best.


Congratulations on your recent engagement! Will we get to see any bridal fashion sneak peeks on upcoming episodes of Vanderpump Rules?
A. Thank you so much! It’s been a long road for Tom and I to get to this point and we are excited about the road ahead of us! I have yet to begin my journey towards finding a dress so you won’t catch any of that this season on VR but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever see it, somehow, some way!

How do you pamper yourself and de-stress before getting ready to look your best?
A. They don’t call it beauty rest for nothing. That’s the first thing I make sure happens; getting plenty of rest really shows on your skin. I love to do face masks, especially ones that target pores. Cleaning out your pores really makes a huge difference in your complexion and leaves less work to be done in the makeup department. Also, I instantly feel my best when my nails are freshly painted and looking good!

Katie Maloney

As we all know, you work at SUR resto in LA. How do you transform yourself when you’re done your shift and ready to hit the town?
A. Luckily, it’s encouraged at SUR that we come to work looking our best, beyond having a clean uniform. I like that I can take pride in myself and put on makeup and do my hair before work. So after my shift I simply throw on a different outfit, powder my nose and sweep on some lipstick and I’m ready to party!

Is it possible to achieve a bold red lip that still looks kissable? Does your fiancé Tom like when you wear makeup, or does he prefer an understated, natural look?
A. It’s an art form to master, but it’s totally possible to achieve and maintain a red lip that is kissable and won’t transfer to your make-out buddy. First, you want to exfoliate your lips. I cannot stress that enough, no lipstick looks kissable on dry crusty lips. I do this in the shower with a washcloth – just gently rub lips until smooth. Also, you can apply some Vaseline, let it sit for a few minutes, and then with a clean tooth brush or mascara wand, gently exfoliate until all the dead skin is gone. Then I like to apply a lip stain. I feel that even if the lipstick wears off, you still have color underneath. Next, I use a matte lip pencil to line my lips and then I fill in my lips with the same pencil. This helps hold color longer. Next, I use a matte long-wear liquid lipstick. Finally, I top it off with a gloss, but only in the center of my lips for a nice shine.
Tom loves when I wear my hair off my face in a bun or braids, and loves bold eyeliner. Then he says a pair of joggers is hot. Haha!

Katie flaunts her fave BTR finds.

Katie flaunts her fave BTR finds.

What tips would you give to those looking to take the perfect couple’s selfie?
A. The girl has to take it. Most guys really struggle with pictures, I’m not sure why. Tom gets a little bashful taking selfies and usually ends up mid-talking so I resort to having him kiss me on the cheek. I am no expert, but we usually nail it on the first or second try I think!

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