Last weekend, designers and fashion enthusiasts came together to celebrate London’s Fashion Week Men’s. Eye-catching collections were on full display as some of the most forward thinking designs blazed the runway. From Songzio’s contemporary new wave, to Koshino’s imaginative outerwear, and Vivienne Westwood’s eclectic “Ecotricity” line, we highlight some of our favourite collections from the 4 day event.



Songzio is synonymous with the emblematic black suit. Based in Seoul and Paris, the menswear brand displayed elegant and modern styles that captured the essence of timeless style. Simple lines and artful texture expertly combined to create an aura of delicate, understated masculinity.



Koshino’s inflatable coats and oversized pieces were the signature of this collection. Each piece featured bold silhouettes and a futuristic design, which are the epitome of fashionable experimentation.



Vivienne Westwood showcased her distinctive vision with an eclectic collection full of bold colours and edgy designs. On her runway, men wore dresses, skits and colourful jumpers, blurring conventional fashion and gender lines.

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