Men’s fashion frenzy continued this week in Milan, which saw a congregation of the fashion elite, including some of the most prestigious designers. Below, we select some of our favorite looks from the myriad of marvelous collections.



The Prada collection was replete with simple, understated styles that harkened back to an era of vintage cool. The return of corduroy trousers and suede jackets made for a modern blend of 70’s laid-back hippie chic and a preppy college campus catalogue.



Subdued and refined looks dominated the Versace show, with an emphasis on tailored jackets and minimalism in suits, shirts and pants. Patterns played a big role, but no flashy, avant-garde designs were present; accessible, easy street-wear seemed to be the primary idea here, with many of these looks seemingly made for this generation’s top street style influencers.



The Fendi collection was lit with vivid colours and bold elements that made for visually striking ensembles, conveying a vibe of both retro luxury and new wave confidence. The Fendi branding was present on tuques and footwear, and handbags played a vital role in holding it all together.