Let’s face it: tulle skirts are notoriously hard to style. It’s easy to go from prima ballerina to frumpy. When done right however, this piece is an adventurous and infinitely girly addition to your wardrobe.

Here are some of our best tips for incorporating this trend into your closet:

Embrace the Ballerina: Go ultra feminine and embrace the tulle skirt’s roots with one that is full and poofy, whether long or short. Pair it with a form-fitting top, a chunky statement necklace, and some heels.

Be Edgy: Throw on a rockin’ leather or jean jacket for a great contrast. Play up the rest of the outfit with metallic accessories and some combat boots.

Unexpected Plaid: This is probably the most surprising tulle skirt trend, but it definitely makes an impression. A dainty skirt with some plaid flannel is the perfect mix of casual and sophisticated.

Show a Little Skin: A crop top is a great way to transition into warmer weather and you can wear it with any color tulle. Get creative with different color combinations!

How will you wear your tulle? Post a comment to let us know!