GURIA: Summer’s hottest swimwear

Hit the beach with confidence and brazen, South Brazilian style – Guria beachwear was created to flatter every curve and figure. Launched in 2007 by Camila Ckless and Barbara Nissola, two “gurias” (“girls” in local South Brazilian slang) who decided to follow their hearts and create a business inspired by their passion for the beach […]

Big Dreams for Small Spaces

Condo Living: Big Dreams for Small Spaces

Smaller condos and apartments have the benefit of being instantly cozy. However, sometimes it’s difficult to balance the modern lust for stuff while not driving yourself crazy with clutter. Check out our small-space tips to streamline your whole home. Double Down Try to find and highlight furniture that does more than one thing: an ottoman […]

Matcha fine powdered green tea

Summer Tea Recipes: Brewing With Matcha

One of the most unique teas on the planet, Matcha has a rich history, being used for hundreds of years in Japanese Zen-Buddhist ceremonies. Hot or cold, Matcha is an exceptionally refreshing beverage, offering countless health benefits, as well as promoting concentration and memory. Make your next summer brew using our recipes for a tasty […]

Go Retro With Throwback Thursdays: 1969

Thursdays are all about the good old days! From online to real life, #TBT’s have taken the world by storm as a fun form of self-expression and revival of long-loved trends. Every decade has its own distinct style and personality. The 60s were all about teenage rebellion, flower power, and fun-loving freedom. Dress the part […]

Urban Edge: Summer in the City

Update your look with the hottest street-smart styles of the summer! It’s all about functional, fitted fashion, edgy accessories, and ultra-comfy footwear. Go tough-girl chic with raw edges and leather finishes. We love this killer faux leather jacket by Dex. Stand out in urban camouflage with tonal gray, charcoal, and black, and punch it up […]