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Spring into style with must-see fashions and accessories

You have another reason to smile as you store away your winter coat – like getting the chance to experiment with spring’s knockout fashions and accessories. Dive into it with these delicious must-haves.

Rdutemps by Fashion Victime. Bold jewelry can add instant flash to a simple outfit.

East Lion Footwear. Fierce wedges to add height and model appeal.

Chanel. A dash of white to add a sophisticated allure to your look.

Lacoste. Preppy-chic footwear – perfect for sunny weekends.

Meghan Los Angeles. A breezy dress that feels as good as it looks.

All fabulous items on sale now!

Fashion Editor Amanda Eliasch picks her top spring fashions and accessories

Fashion is art. And no one knows this better than Amanda Eliasch. Her book British Artists at Work was commissioned by Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief of Italian Vogue. As a poet, photographer, and fashion editor, Amanda is the perfect fashion maven to help you devour spring’s loveliest fashions and accessories. Shop her picks and read our Q&A to be one step ahead of the fashion pack.

Q: Spring is such an exciting time for fashion. Which trends are you looking forward to for the upcoming season?

A: As you already have a lot of black in the wardrobe and pastels only look good in hot temperatures, you can mix both. For instance, cream looks fabulous with black, and a neon belt (which has also become fashionable) looks great on a black dress and brightens up the day. I like very sharp tailoring and this looks especially good in white. A pastel dress on a really hot day looks terrific, but shall remain in the lookbook at Balmain – try cheaper versions. Little shorts with a button down shirt, a gold chunky belt with a very tailored jacket.

Q: As a photographer and editor, you know high fashion. How can our shoppers incorporate some sophisticated glamour into their 9-5 wardrobe?

A: A 9-5 wardrobe can be both practical and glamorous. The main thing for me would be scent. I have recently gone back to old fashioned scents like Caleche at Hermes, and the men say it smells delicious. You are working hard so you need clean hair out of your face in a ponytail, and your makeup should remain looking fresh – so generally less is more. Nails should always look good and I am a regular user of gels. Always make sure that the back of a suit looks as good as the front. Simplicity looks best. You can buy cheaper dresses and suits, but shoes and belts are are better when you spend a little more. A handbag from Marc Jacobs is enough to make everything else look up-to-the-minute with a Zara black dress. I live in them and have about five Zara dresses (all in black of course), which looks smart every day.

Q: What are your go-to accessories for office wear?

A: For me a good briefcase and a pair of sunglasses is a necessity, I love Prada’s briefcases, but they can be expensive – their sunglasses are affordable. So I would try to find what I could at Target and mix. As I said before, accessories should be the most expensive thing in the wardrobe but you may need your handbag to look good at night, so check out H&M and then reach for the bottom of your pocket for the handbag. Cheap looks cheap generally. Buy in the sales, I do, and check out vintage shops for something different.

Q: If you could give only one tip for busy women who want to look picture-perfect, what would it be?

A: Ask around and see which of your friends is a makeup artist. Then see if she can come to your work place to help you get ready. Also for special evenings, make sure you have your hair done on a lunch break or first thing in the morning. I find yoga incredible too, but I am better exercising in the evening. You need to be fit to look fit. Eat plenty of greens.

Q: What types of shoes would we find you in during the day? Who is your favorite shoe designer?

A: I like two brands of shoes: YSL and Robert Clergerie. The latter makes the most comfortable shoes for running around in, but I can run in YSL platforms equally.

Amanda’s events for today: The Wish Collection, Machi, Tommy Hilfiger and Larry Levine coats, Wow Couture, and Segolene Paris


Real moms of Montreal pick their favorite pieces for your trendy tots

We want to give a shoutout to all you amazing moms out there by making this day all about you and your precious kids. Let’s make them even cuter (we know, not possible) with the sweetest outfits.

These real moms of Montreal are here to pick their favorite kids’ items. Yours deserve the very best and that’s why we’ve put together a day that moms (and their tots) will absolutely adore.

Whether you’re a new mom who’s not sure where to start or a mom who’s looking for fresh new outfits for their little ones, we’ve got the events for you.

Q: What’s the first thing you look for when buying clothing for your babies and young children?

A: It has to catch my eye, it can’t look like all the other stuff out there. A very close second is price – kids are really messy and they grow like weeds. There’s nothing worse than realizing that they have either outgrown the ‘fancy’ outfit you just bought them, or that the finger paint stain is never coming out.

-Allison Weigensberg, Mom to Connor, 2 years old

Q: What are some tips and tricks you can give mothers for building a great kids’ wardrobe on a budget?

A: Babies only need one pair of good jeans and lots of tops! I buy things that are versatile, that can be worn fancy or casual, as most of the time babies are making a mess and everything they wear goes immediately into the wash. For this reason, I always buy stuff on sale. The best place to find these deals are usually online, Beyond the Rack being at the top of my list!

-Regine Shaffer, Mom to Billy, 8 months old

Q: Do you follow trends in kidswear? If so, what are some fun ones moms can look into?

A: This season colorful hues, like electric blue, peach, and light pink are showing up everywhere. I like to keep my little girl on-trend while making sure she dresses for her age. They grow up too quickly!

-Natalie Ben-Zur, Mom to Ella, 6 years old & Evan, 5 years old

Q: Kids grow up so fast! What’s a smart way to shop for babies who will outgrow clothes quickly?

A: My suggestion is to always get a size bigger, that way it will last longer. It works for me.

-Jasmine Lawrence, Mom to Jahziah, 14 months old

Shop these kids events now: Frocks for tots, Little miss twin stars, Cook with your kids, Princess Expressions, Suit Up, Fairytale dresses, and It’s a kids world after all.

Shop Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof’s shoe line

From living the good life on Bravo’s hit TV show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to starting a fabulous shoe line with top brand Charles Jourdan, Adrienne Maloof is a one-woman powerhouse. Adrienne also works with her family on a number of businesses including the Sacramento Kings, The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, and Maloof Productions.

This footwear collection is reserved for the everyday fashionista who dresses like a star every day of her life. Feast your eyes on sexy heels, glittery details, and edgy silhouettes. Read our Q&A to learn more!

Q: The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showcases a very glamorous, upscale lifestyle. Does your shoe line Adrienne Maloof by Charles Jourdan reflect that aesthetic?

A: Absolutely. When designing my collection Adrienne Maloof by Charles Jourdan, I chose styles and designs that worked well for my lifestyle – incorporating things that I had always wanted to see incorporated in my favorite shoes.

Q: Have shoes always been your biggest indulgence fashion-wise?

A: Well I’ve always loved shoes. Even as a young girl, I would play with Barbies and the first thing I would do is pick their shoes and then design the rest of the outfit around the shoes. My whole life I have absolutely adored shoes. I grew up with all brothers, they would go in my shoe closet and say, “How many pairs of shoes does a girl need?” My father would always protect me and say ,“You never know, my little girl might make it a business one day.” And here we are — I’ve made it a business!

Q: If you could use any two words to describe your shoe collection, what would they be?

A: Sophisticated edge.

Q: What type of woman do you envision wearing your shoes?

A: I think that the collection offers something for everyone. Whether that’s an everyday mom looking for a way to indulge or a fashionista who changes clothes three times a day, I think there’s a great spectrum of looks that are united by a love for color and glamour.

Q: Let’s talk shoe trends: what’s going to be hot for Spring/Summer 2012?

A: Bright colors are big for Spring/Summer 2012. Platforms are going to continue being popular, but with the addition of straps and peep-toes for a more open feel, which is appropriate for the season.

Q: One of your family businesses includes the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. Does the Vegas flair work its way into your personal style?

A: Vegas has always been a place of opportunity for my family – the glamour, the excitement and the sense that anything can happen on the next roll of the dice, and I think that there’s definitely that idea of possibility in the collection.

Get inspired by the glamour girl herself and shop the event now!

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Ann Lopez picks her top fashions for full-figured and fabulous ladies

You asked. We listened. You wanted more plus size events that showcase clothing for your fabulous physiques. Today is your lucky day.

We have entertainer Ann Lopez picking from a host of events that cater to your specific fashion needs. Ann has worked as a television producer and actor, and has dabbled in all aspects of the entertainment industry, although it is her compassion and big heart that has garnered her the most attention. In 2005, she donated a kidney to her then husband, George Lopez. She has since partnered with the organization Donate Life, which facilitates organ donations for those in need.

And now, she’s here to get you to enjoy fashion like never before. It’s time to fill your wardrobe with flattering, trend-right garments with a little savvy guidance from a woman who understands the challenges of finding the right pieces of clothing. Now’s your time to shine.

Read the Q&A to learn more about dressing for your curvaceous shape.

Q: What are the top three tips you would give to plus size women who want fashions that flatter their shape?

A. Know your body type and what looks good on you. Look at your body without judgement or emotion and analyze it. Experiment and find out what accentuates the positive and minimizes the negative. Also be realistic…the only people who look like supermodels are supermodels.

Wear your size! Nothing is worse than seeing any woman in a dress or jeans that are too tight for them. And the reverse is true, an outfit shouldn’t be swimming on you. Tight or too loose clothing will make you look bigger than you are.

Spanx and a good seamstress. I love my Spanx or any type of garment that smooths the bumps! Men wear them too! When I used a stylist for the first time, she taught me that everything needs to be altered to fit properly for your body type. Taking excess material off the sleeves of your jackets will give a better fit. I don’t do this to all my clothes but definitely for work and cocktail/black tie clothing. When you know you look good you feel confident and sexy!

Q: Are there any patterns or colors that you think plus-size women should avoid?

A: Hey if it looks good on you..wear it! I love color and I’m starting to branch out from my Los Angeles all black “uniform”! I think bigger can be bolder! Have fun with accessories. My friend and jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino has great bright bold pieces that I love to wear. Personally I try to stay away from a dark top with a light colored skirt or pants. It just doesn’t work for me. That goes back to knowing your body!

Q: What is your most prizes wardrobe essential?

A: For me it is a great black jacket in a great fabric. I’m busty and I don’t like the girls on display! A wonderful jacket or blazer that flatters my bust line and gives me a smooth line is essential. I wear jackets everyday! I love a jacket with a miniskirt to show off my legs. I’ve got great gams!

Q: What plus-size celebrities do you think dress best for their figures?

A: I adore the way Queen Latifah dresses. She always looks amazing. Oprah too. They are the gold standard for plus-size dressing. Amber Riley from GLEE always looks so great on the show. Her outfits are cute, hip and sexy. Amber has confidence and sass and I love that. She really is a role model for young plus-size women. Singer and Actress Jill Scott always looks great. On the red carpet Melissa Mc Carthy and Octavia Spencer have been fabulous! Both ladies have really been very glamourous. I want Octavia’s lilac dress from the Golden Globes! Adele at the Grammy’s was flawless in Giorgio Armani. She looked so timeless and classic. I want those dresses too!

Q: Tell us a bit about Donate Life. Why is it so important to you?

A: Six years ago I gave a kidney to my then husband George Lopez. He was born with a congenital defect that overtime had caused his kidneys to fail. Giving George the Gift of Life, as we in the transplant community call it, had such a profound affect on our family. George was truly healthy for the first time in his life. I vowed to become an advocate for living organ donors and to educate the public on living donation.

I’ve partnered with Donate Life because we have the same goals. Donate Life facilitates high performance donor registries; multi-media donor and live donor education programs; and motivating the American public to register now as organ, eye and tissue donors. This year we are our goal is to register 20 million Americans as organ donors!

Shop these events today:

Dashing in dresses, Beyond black swimwear, One World, Lingerie and Shapewear, Coats for curvacious femmes,

Star Magazine’s Senior Editor Liz Crokin picks her top looks for spring February 20-23

Crave the latest celebrity gossip? Pick up an issue of Star Magazine. How about your quest for celebrity style? That’s where we come in.

Senior Editor of Star, Liz Crokin is picking her top looks for spring from February 20-23. Liz has met some of Hollywood’s hottest stars – so you can be sure she’s in-the-know when it comes to the styles you just can’t get enough of.

Read the Q&A to get the scoop on spring trends, fashionable celeb couples, and more!

Q: Spring is in the air! What’s the trend you anticipate will be huge?

A: I think bright colors will be huge! We are seeing a lot of celebrities recently wearing a lot of bright and bold colors. Bright colorful jeans are still very popular too.

Q: We love looking at stylish celebrity couples. Which pair do you think has the best style?

A: Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux are very rocker chic. They love to color coordinate their outfits, and they’re often both spotted wearing scarves and black leather. David and Victoria Beckham also have impeccable taste, and you will never see a photo of them looking unkempt. They’re always dressed to kill even when they dress down.

Q: What fashion faux-pas would cause a celeb to make it to Star’s worst dressed list?

A: I think Nicki Minaj’s Pope inspired red cloak outfit she wore to the Grammys will definitely make the worst dressed list. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it will never be flattering or in style to dress like the Pope!

Q: Many women can’t wait to get rid of big bulky boots and move on to spring footwear. What’s a hot trend for shoes?

A: The hot trend for spring are bright colored heels! I just bought a pair of blue and and hot pink open toed heels that I wore to the HDNet Super Bowl party in Indianapolis where Katy Perry performed at and they were a hit!

Q: Can you give our shoppers a tip for copying their fave celeb’s style while sticking to a budget?

A: You can always find pieces that are similar to the designer duds celebrities wear at discount stores. Bring a Star Magazine with you when you shop to match up celebrity styles with lower priced items.

Shop Liz Crokin picks today: Gracia, Spring Preview, Calvin Klein, Penny Loves Kenny and more, Hot to handle, Pre-Owned Louis Vuitton, and KAS Australia and more.

Shop Kari Whitman’s eco-friendly dog beds: Greener Pup

Greener Pup was created by Kari Whitman, designer to the stars, dog rescuer and environmental advocate. Greener Pup eco-friendly dog beds not only keep your dog cozy, comfortable and stylish, they are also part of a bigger quest to save the earth and dogs in need.

Each bed comes with a removable washable cover in an upscale upholstery fabric and also features soft, durable fibers that are breathable, non-allergenic and won’t attract insects. The fillers are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Beds keep their shape very well but can be easily “re-fluffled and re-nested.”

Born out of Kari’s desire to create beautiful interior designs while also raising money to support her non-profit dog rescue, Greener Pup proudly donates all proceeds to Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue. Pick up an eco-friendly dog bed today – you’ll help Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue continue saving lives, and you’ll have a beautiful dog bed to boot!

Shop the Greener Pup event today and make a difference!

Give your wardrobe an instant makeover with easy and elegant styles

Spring is soon approaching. Let’s lighten up.

Maybe you’re excited to store away your winter boots. Or you can’t wait to walk your dog without your hands freezing. Whatever your reasons for anticipating spring, we can certainly relate.

And when it comes to fashion, it’s all about breezy, flowing silhouettes and fresh hues.

Need some inspiration? Stop by the EASY ELEGANCE events and allow yourself to be enchanted by romantic pieces. Pair these items with cardigans and blazers until the weather really starts to sizzle.

Don’t be fooled. These garments are far from being saccharine and sickeningly sweet. They’re enticing, relaxed, and simply beautiful.

Shop these events today:

Paris Hilton, Pastel Palette, Modern Romance, Fabulous Fashions, M60 by Miss Sixty and Head over Heels

Take a break from high-voltage trends and pick up clothing that showcases a gorgeous, feminine appeal.

Shop fitness and health expert Jennifer Cohen’s activewear and shapewear picks today

If your New Year’s Resolution to get fit in 2012 is slowing down, we’ve got just the person to get you out of that rut. Fitness and health expert Jennifer Cohen was the motivating celebrity trainer on the hit CW show Shedding for the Wedding and is also a fitness spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

Her athletic line NGR (No Gym Required) reflects her attitude about fitness: you don’t need to spend hours at the gym to get the results you want. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Continue your journey to a better you by stopping by Jennifer’s picks for activewear and shapewear all day long! We hope you get inspired to make this your best year yet. Also make sure to pick up her bestselling book No Gym Required. With the right tools – nothing can get in your way!

Read her Q&A to learn more:

Q: Tell us a bit about NGR. Who or what did you have in mind when developing the brand?

A: When developing NGR I was thinking about busy people – Moms who have no time for themselves, business executives who are always in hotel rooms, and people who just don’t have the time or money to spend on the gym. I love the gym, but not having access to one doesn’t have to limit anyone – you can get and stay fit on your own, with things you already have, with just a few minutes a day. No Gym Required is about making conscious choices on a daily basis to be the best and healthiest you, no matter where you are.

Q: What are your five fitness wardrobe essentials?

A: Polar Heart Rate Monitors. They strap right on your wrist, they’re easy to use, and you can track your heart rate & calorie progress no matter what you’re doing for exercise.

NGR Shoes (of course!) The shoes have removable weights (up to 2 pounds) so you can burn up to 50% more calories on the go.

A really supportive sports bra. Polar makes a great one with the heart rate monitor inside it. I use it all the time.

Metal-free hair ties. I’m always using them for my long hair, and keep a few around just in case.

Cropped yoga pants. They make your butt look amazing and you can do almost anything in them!

Q: What’s a secret-weapon piece of shapewear you’d recommend for women looking to hide trouble spots?

A: My wardrobe “secret weapon” is to pick clothes that are flattering to your body. I think that a healthy diet, a good fitness routine, and choosing clothes based on what looks good on you – not what’s trendy – is the best way to go.

Shop these events today to find her picks:

NGR by Jennifer Cohen, Fit and fabulous, Co’Coon, Oliver, and Yummie Tummie!