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Rain or Shine: A Guide to Looking Great in Fickle Weather


With capricious rain, snow, sunshine and everything in between, it’s not easy dressing for the messiest time of year. Ditch the weather report and follow your fashionable instincts instead – spring is the perfect excuse to rock a well-cut jacket, delicate layers and on-trend accessories.


Beat spring’s mood-swing temperatures by layering up your look with our newest European designer, Lanti. Choose a simple white button-down blouse paired with a cozy yet lightweight cocoon cardigan, and jazz it up with some edgy printed pants for a vivacious take on this classic black and white look.


Spring 2015 is all about the trench. Look for timeless designs like this double breasted navy raincoat from Laundry. Pastel and neutral handbags are super on-trend, so pair this pale peach leather tote with the perfect scarf for instant magic and a quick place to stash your jacket when the temperature spikes. Keep a fun pair of shades on hand, a cheerful style like these Betsey Johnson heart frames will keep your spirits high in any weather.


Finally, choose the right footwear for a polished look with minimal fuss by simplifying your shoe closet with something that will take you from rain to shine and back again. We love these these waterproof Burberry riding boots for an on-trend and practical solution to spring’s wild weather, stylish enough for fair days!.

Fashion-Forward Looks for Working Moms


Between meetings, messy meals, deadlines and temper tantrums, working moms have a lot on their plates. We sat down with one of our star buyers, Jenn Feiden, to ask her how she manages to look fabulous and chic while juggling a career and a high energy toddler.

Jenn is wearing the Angela Sleeveless Jacket from RD International, and classic Louboutins. Grayson is wearing a five pocket blazer, and a button-down shirt, both by Andy & Evan.

Jenn is wearing the Angela Sleeveless Jacket from RD International, and classic Louboutins. Grayson is wearing a five pocket blazer, and a button-down shirt, both by Andy & Evan.

Q: How do you stay fashion-forward while juggling a 1½ year old?

A: Working in the fashion industry, it’s very important for me to stay on-trend. That being said, it can be challenging with a toddler. My son, Grayson, is quite mobile now and as a result I am constantly chasing after him. When getting dressed I try to choose items that are chic yet comfortable, and as stain resistant as possible! I’m loving the sporty chic trend right now because I can still look hip while wearing my air max sneakers with a structured dress or jumper. Don’t get me wrong, I love rocking my heels every so often but those go in my bag to put on after dropping my son off at daycare.

Q: Any fashion Do’s or Don’ts for a working mom?

A: When it comes to working, the word “DON’T” doesn’t really exist in my vocabulary, and that includes my wardrobe. Being a mom I try to avoid any “Britney” moments by making sure I tweak my outfits a little. For example, in the past if I were wearing a backless top I would go braless but now I choose to wear a bandeau or lace cami to make sure I don’t have any compromising situations while lugging my baby around. Another thing I try and keep in mind is color. White and pastels are trending now, and as always, I want to stay current. These colors are obviously not ideal when you have a toddler who enjoys throwing his food more than eating it, so as a solution I make sure to pair my outfits with layers to act as a shield for my easily stained outfit. An over-sized scarf or blazer are great pieces to help this situation.

Q: Do you follow the same fashion regime for your son?

A: As much as I would love to have my son decked out head-to-toe, it does at times become challenging with his new found interest in touching and grabbing everything in sight! That being said, I would recommend to all fellow fashionista moms out there to just let go! Yes, they can still have a little trend in there – a pair of tapered sweat pants and a cute graphic tee or hoodie, but trying to make your son (or daughter) as put-together as those babies in magazine ads is asking for an unhappy baby, and not to mention an unhappy wallet! Baby clothes can get expensive, so knowing that at least a third of it will be going in the trash as your baby quickly outgrows those designer duds, you might want to rethink investing in couture items just yet. There are many chic yet affordable options out there. My favorite spots are H&M, Old Navy, and of course, Beyond the Rack!

Contest: Win Advance Screening Movie Pass for The Age of Adaline


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Coachella Inspired Festival Fashion


Get festival ready with the hottest Coachella-inspired looks! It’s all about contrasting textures, colors, and patterns, so have fun and layer up your look!

festival ready

Matching is passé! Mix it up with unexpected color pairings and mismatched prints for a boho-chic look that pushes the envelope. Spice up your cutoff shorts with a lace crop top and a colorful kimono, like this floral fringed-style.


Accent your look the unexpected – the right jewelry can take your look to the next level. Choose unique treasures such as this ankle chain from Laurel Canyon.


And complete the look while protecting your peepers with cutting-edge eyewear from Quay. We’re in love with these heart shaped frames!

What’s your festival inspiration? Let us know in the comments below!

Thinner in 30 Days with Hydroxycut

Be Thinner in 30 Days Starter Plan

Hydroxycut, North America’s #1 selling weight management brand, has been helping people manage their weight for almost 20 years. You may be surprised to know that Hydroxycut is a Canadian brand and has in-house research labs, cutting-edge research equipment, and a world-class training facility at their head office in Oakville.


Unlike many other diet supplements, Hydroxycut products are supported by scientific research and can help you manage your weight by:

• Metabolizing carbs, fats and proteins

• Boosting your energy levels and relieving fatigue

• Increasing endurance

The interchangeable Hydroxycut formats make it simple and easy to integrate with your daily routine. For example, you may have one serving of weight management caplets in the morning before breakfast, and a serving of weight management gummies or drink mix before dinner.


Hydroxycut is for any adult who wants to get in shape. The array of weight management options that are available make it easy for you to manage weight your way and see real results.

Hydroxycut is a great complement to a healthy diet and exercise plan, giving you an extra tool to attain your ideal weight. Check out their Be Thinner in 30 Days Starter Plan – an online beginners guide to healthy eating, easy at home workouts, and sensible supplementation. It’s perfect for those who aren’t sure where to start and need some extra inspiration to get going.

Former “Bachelor” star Sean Lowe and wife Catherine Giudici love Hydrodxycut Bars.

Former “Bachelor” star Sean Lowe and wife Catherine Giudici love Hydrodxycut Bars.

So instead of feeling unsure about what you should do to reach your weight management goals this year, get help with Hydroxycut and take advantage of BTR’s special pricing today. Bathing suit season is just around the corner!

Screen Actors Guild Award: Best and Worst Dressed

Combining the best of television and fashion, the SAG awards showcased some of the best-dressed celebs of the season. With a mix of classic and cutting-edge styles, we’ve picked some of the best – and worst – highlights of these well-heeled looks.

Fashion Forward


Emmy Rossum rocks it in this Armani Privé gown. With its intricate mesh detailing and sequin accents, we love the angelic look of this art-nouveau silhouette.

Emma Stone is set to impress in this standout tuxedo jacket dress from Dior Couture. We love the bold cropping and innovative texture contrast of this ultra-contemporary piece.

Sofía Vergera vamps it up with a fearless Donna Karan gown. Not for the faint of heart, she rocks this busty look with a sleek hairstyle and understated accessories for a brazen bombshell style.

Reese Witherspoon flaunts her figure in this chic Armani dress. The classic silhouette and off shoulder detail are reminiscent of Old Hollywood glamour.

Julianne Moore looks simply radiant in this colorful Givenchy gown. The exquisite, body-hugging beadwork and blue-green hue make her delicate features stand out on the red carpet.

Fashion Flop


Laverne Cox looks like she’s playing dress-up in this ill-fitting Johanna Johnson gown. The beaded details are pretty, but the sweeping satin confection drowns her fabulous figure.

Lorelai Linklater flops in this odd dress from Honor that wears more like a cult costume. While we love the lace back detail, the oversize bell sleeves create a heavy, frumpy silhouette.

Rosamund Pike looks weighed down in this Christian Dior Haute Couture frock – the heavy high-low train does nothing for her svelte physique.

Uzo Aduba sure knows how to rock a bold yellow, but the perforated fabric of this Angel Sanchez dress reminds us more of Swiss cheese.

Melissa Rauch looks stiff in this two-toned sweetheart dress from Pamella Roland. The darted bodice is flattering, but where are her feet? The awkward hemline and plastic fabric of the skirt make this outfit a fashion fiasco.

Tips from A Real Life Bombshell Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!


A bombshell is a sultry, mysterious and stunningly beautiful woman who is loved by both men and women alike. She’s glamorous, commands attention and is welcoming all the same.

With a little help from Bar Paly, a real life Hollywood siren, turn yourself into a bombshell this Valentine’s Day. Bar, a Russian-born Israeli actress and model, has acted with the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Jon Hamm, Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore. With three new movies coming this year, keep an eye on this up and coming starlet.

Check out what Bar has to say on becoming a bombshell in this intimate Q & A.

Where do you find the inner confidence to flaunt your femininity and sexy side? Does it come naturally or is it something you had to work on?

Answer: Honestly, I don’t really think of my self as “sexy”, but I do appreciate the compliment. I think the trick for me is that I just really love being a woman. I adore feminine things, like dresses, heels, hair and makeup. In business, there is no stopping a determined woman. I find women strong and inspiring. I mean, we do it all! And we do it with grace and compassion while wearing 5 inch heels! So, I guess embracing my femininity gives me confidence, and confidence is always sexy. To put it in the words of the ultimate bombshell, Marilyn Monroe: “I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it.”

What are your best tips for women to turn ourselves into a bombshell?

Answer: I am a huge believer in the right undergarment. The right bra will do wonders to your shape. That’s the reason I own so many different cuts and styles. Clothes just lay different on the body with the right underwear. With a deep V cut top I wear a good Plunge bra, with a scoop or square neck I recommend Balconette bras, with high neck tops I wear a Minimizer bra (to not look too top heavy), and a strapless bra that works well is a must in every women’s wardrobe.  Invest in a few good, differently shaped bras and see your outfits transform! Besides, having a nice undergarment on will always give you that extra oomph.

I had the wonderful opportunity of recently spending time with you in LA, and you couldn’t be sweeter. Do you ever feel you are judged solely by your looks?

Answer: Thank you! Hanging out together in LA was definitely fun! When it comes to people judging me on my appearance, there’s not much I can do. Maybe it’s human nature, but until you meet someone and have a conversation with them it’s tough to really know what they’re about. For those that do judge me based solely on my looks, I can only hope they change their opinion when they meet me. In my years in the fashion and entertainment industries I’ve met many beautiful women, and I can tell you that physical beauty alone does not get you very far. On the other hand, brains, kindness and compassion are always sexy! Be smart, be nice to others and yourself (we all forget that last part sometimes), take joy in life, and be passionate about what you do. That’s what people gravitate towards, and what defines true beauty.

This is one we all want to know – what’s the perfect face and body position for taking a pic (or selfie!)? Is there something you do specifically to make sure the photo turns out well?

Answer: I think the key to taking a good photograph is understanding your light source. If it’s a bright, straight-on light, like a camera flash, it usually flattens the image and makes every thing look very two dimensional. So with those photos you don’t want to be facing the camera straight on, because it’ll make you look wider, since the natural curve of the body will be erased by the flash. Turn a little bit sideways with your hips, but keep your chest toward the camera. This pose will make you look slimmer in those types of photos. Avoid taking photos when the light source is directly above you. This will always create unflattering shadows on the face. To erase those, just tilt your face up so the light is hitting your face more evenly, and take the picture holding the camera slightly above your face. Ideally, the best “beauty light” is always day light, but not harsh sun light. Direct day light coming from a window as the only light source will look beautiful. Always face that light when possible, it’s a very good trick.


Finally, with several movies coming in 2015, we’d love to know what do you do to prepare for filming – mind, body and soul?

Answer: I landed roles in some great projects over the last year and I could not be more excited to share them with you.  All the characters are so different, and I had a blast with each and every one of them.  I got to play a futuristic femme fatal spy in Mark Polish’s “Headlock” opposite Dianna Agron and Justin Bartha, a hilariously oblivious model in Judd Apatow’s “Trainwreck” starring Amy Schumer, in “Sons Of Anarchy” veteran David Labrava’s “Street Level” I play a homeless heroin addict, and in Aaron Kaufman’s thriller “Urge” (Pierce Brosnan) I got to play Denice, a good girl who turns bad after partying on a new drug that unleashes the users secret urges with lethal consequences.  While all the roles are very different, my preparation on each is the same.  Most of my process is character work.  Finding out what motivates my character?  Who are they? What do they want?  I also love figuring out a character’s wardrobe and look, because those directly influence the character’s physicality.  For example, you just walk different wearing high heels than you do wearing flip-flops, the same way you hold things differently after a brand new manicure.  Other times a characters wardrobe can reflect their inner characteristics or mood.  All those details really matter to me when building a believable character.  I also find it very inspiring watching other actor’s work.  When I watch a great performance, it gives me the courage to make braver choses and try to elevate my work to the level of my piers. My mantra is: It’s better to fail spectacularly than play it safe and be boring!

Keep in touch with Bar Paly through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Have some of your own tips? Share them with us here or on Facebook!

Valentine’s Day Giveaway: 5 X $100 WaySpa Gift Cards


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what says “I love you” more than a nice relaxing day at the spa? Team BTR wants to make sure you’re pampered for the special day, so we’ve teamed up with WaySpa to give away five (5!) $100 gift cards to make this Valentine’s Day the ultimate in relaxation.

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Paddington Bear is Here!


Everyone’s favorite British, raincoat wearing, marmalade eating bear is coming to the big screen in Canada this weekend and here at BTR we could not be more excited. Not only for the movie, but also because you will be able to shop all kinds of Paddington Bear Apparel for your little ones! We’ve got adorable UK inspired gear for girls and boys just in time for the big premiere.

Shop the charming collection featuring Paddington Bear inspired rain gear: hat, slicker and wellies to match! Or dress them up with British pride in these cute tees that feature Paddington Bear’s iconic face.

Paddington Bear can now be everywhere. Get in the spirit and shop now!