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Spring Into Action: Interview with Fitness Model Muna Breitem

Muna Breitum_blog

We know that getting into shape isn’t always easy. So, keeping with our Spring Into Action theme, we recently sat down with WBFF Bikini Pro fitness model Muna Breitem to find out her secrets to staying healthy and fit. Read on to hear what she had to say about getting in shape and staying motivated. And check out our Spring Into Action contest below where you can win a $1000 prize pack to help get your body and home fit for spring.

1)You obviously have a gorgeous (and enviable!) body. What do you do to maintain your figure? How often and how long do you work out each week?

Thank you! I’ve made fitness a part of my life.  It’s not something I do on the side, it’s essential. This means I work out at least 5 times a week, for about 1.5h-2h each time.  I also watch everything I eat, but not in the way you would imagine.  I don’t eat less, I actually eat more than most people, 5 to 6 times daily.  The most important aspect to my diet is making sure I get enough protein, although I do stay away from excessively fatty or sugary things.  That’s really only the gist of it.

2)Starting a workout routine can be very overwhelming.  What do you suggest as a simple way to get started?

Try to ease into it over a period of 3 to 6 months.  An overly complex workout routine can discourage beginners, so I suggest at least 30 minutes of cardio (treadmill jogging, for example) with some light weight training.  Even three times weekly, hitting a different set of muscles each time is enough to start making a difference within weeks.  But the nutrition needs to match the efforts at the gym. No amount of training will overcome bad eating habits. After that initial period you can add more intense workouts and more complex weight training sessions, which should always be setup under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer if you’re new at this.

3)It’s easy to get off track with a regular exercise routine, especially for those of us not working out for a living! What do you suggest to both stay on track and to get yourself out of a slump?

At first, the hardest aspect to getting in shape is always mental.  You’re doing something different and your body protests in all kinds of ways, whether it’s hunger pangs or achy muscles.  It’s hard to get the will to keep going once the initial motivation has faded.  What has worked for me is to ignore motivation altogether.  I’ve made fitness as much a part of my life as showering and brushing my teeth are.  These are not things you need to motivate yourself to do; you just do them because how could you not?  It’s the same for fitness.  You clean the dishes, you take the garbage out, you shower once daily… and you go to the gym.  Rain or shine, in the mood or not, you just do it.  Once you start being able to see fitness this way, and you do it long enough, it just becomes a part of your life.

4)If someone has limited time to work out, what are the “must-do” exercises? Are there certain exercises you just can’t live without? Why?

On a time crunch it’s best to go to complex, whole-body exercises since these hit multiple muscles at once.  Things like back squats and deadlifts are very efficient and can accomplish more per unit of time than more targeted, muscle-isolating exercises.  Also, cardio is excellent because it stimulates your entire body and increases your metabolic rate, which burns more fat while promoting good cardiovascular health.  And if you’re in a hurry, High Intensity Interval Training can achieve the results of longer cardio sessions in half the time.

5)What is the best advice you have ever been given?  You know, the life-changing kind!

The best advice that I’ve ever been given is not to aim for perfection, but to aim for progress. Perfection is hard to define, and can become a moving target.  Progress on the other hand just ensures that you’re moving in the right direction, no matter what the end goal is.

6)What’s on your iPod at the moment/ gym playlist?

My music taste is very diverse, depending on my mood. But my gym playlist consists of Muse, Queen, the White Stripes, and Eminem.

Celebrity Stylist Lindsay Albanese Helps You Shop for Your Body


It’s said that behind every well-dressed celebrity, there’s a better-dressed stylist. And this is absolutely true of Lindsay Albanese. Between styling her famous clients for red carpet appearances and lending her style advice to TV and print media, Lindsay keeps us up-to-date on fashion’s latest trends via her YouTube channel. Today, this expert is taking a moment out of her busy schedule to give us a few tips to keep you in high style.

Here’s what we wanted to know:

1.       As a Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist and Style Expert, your list of Hollywood A-list clients is very impressive. Who would you say was your most fun to dress and why?

Oh I could never pick just one! But I will say that fitting and styling Kathy Griffin has given me many laughs.

2.       What are the biggest fashion mistakes women make?

Wearing too much statement jewelry. It drives me crazy. Big earrings, big necklace, detailed hat, and scarf – it’s just over done and so cheesy! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a “less is more” person about everything but definitely when it comes to statement pieces. Try a bold necklace OR a bold earring, not both. And when I mean bold, I mean go nuts with it kind of bold. Just not both together!

3.       Do you have any tips on how to recycle items already in my closet?

Layering. Maybe you have a few tops that you don’t love anymore. These could look good layered under a sweater or paired with a vest. It could even be as simple as a sleeve peeking out of a sweater.

4.       What are your favorite spring 2014 trends and why?

Crisp white everything and monochromatic pastel looks.

5.       What is your best tip for dressing for your body type?

When in doubt, work your whole outfit around your best figure feature. That’s a surefire way to always go out feeling your best! When trying something new, get a second and honest opinion.

6.       Your YouTube channel is loaded with tips and fun information. From where do you get your inspiration?

From my life! That’s why I started a channel. I thought, “wow, I live and breathe this fashion world with my job so why don’t I share it with people?!”

7.       What is the most treasured item in your closet and why?

My Joes ripped up boyfriend jeans that I got when they first came into style 6 years ago. My Oscar De La Renta lattice wedding heels and a black wool coat I got 7 years ago. The label isn’t in it anymore so I have no clue who the designer is

8.       How would you describe your personal style?

Moody. Every day I dress based on my mood. That usually means classic pieces mixed with a little bit of toughness. You will rarely see me in a head to toe girly look or an all rocker look. I love the juxtaposition of both together. It creates a balance for me; maybe it’s like my two personalities colliding into my wardrobe who knows. haha!

Let Lindsay help you find the most flattering pieces for your shape. Look for her stamp with your body type now!

Check out Lindsay on her website, like her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter @StyleExpertLynz. You can also subscribe to her Youtube channel at

Aquaswiss Special – New Low Prices on Distinctive Watches


Dare to be different with an innovative timepiece by Aquaswiss!

Founded in 1999 by a third-generation jeweler, Aquaswiss designs are a cumination of years of development. Their three-dimensional watch styles are the touchstone of their company, including the Chronodome, defined by its curved, rectangular shape and bold domed crystal on the chronograph, the Ice, a chronograph with a geometric-faceted pyramid-shaped crystal, and the Diablo, a six-time-zone watch with a world map dial. The creativity and sophistication of these designs have elevated Aquaswiss into a watchmaking legend, and the rest is history!

Today, their fine timepieces can be found adorning celebrities like Selena Gomez, Ricky Gervais, Michael C. Hall, and Anna Lynn McCord. They’ve also been featured in Elle, FHM, and Harpers Bazaar.

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Trend Alert: The Bucket Bag is Back

The Bucket Bag_blog

The Bucket Bag is back — and in a big way!

Spotted all over the fashion week runways, this slouchy handbag was a favorite for many designers. Moschino, Rebecca Minkoff, IMAXtree and Louis Vuitton all sent their models down the catwalk clutching different versions of the classic bag. Updated with bold graphics, studs, chains or patterns we saw the Bucket Bag in a new light. And we loved it.

And it’s not just us. Young Hollywood starlets like Miranda Kerr, Nicky Hilton and Vanessa Hudgens were seen out and about carrying their favorite take on this design!

So whatever your style, get carried away by the versatile yet polished Bucket Bag.

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Hair by Moses

Hair By Moses_blog

Wouldn’t you love to have a good hair day every day? Do you dream of finally saying goodbye to frizz, flyaways and damaged hair for good? Well, dreams do come true.  Let us introduce you to Hair by Moses.

When it comes to hair, celebrity stylist and colorist Moses is an expert. His award-winning products are packed with essential minerals and nutrients vital to attaining healthy tresses. Gentle enough to use every day, his shampoos, conditioners and treatments leave your hair shiny, manageable and soft to the touch.

So take a cue from celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Stacy Keibler, Gretchen Rossi and Lilly Ghalichi. Shop our Hair by Moses event and begin your journey to healthier, better-looking hair today.

Spring Trend Contest

Spring Trend Contest

Spotted: Hollywood top-hitting starlets wearing some of the most coveted trends for spring. Leading the way are ladylike floral, bold black and white graphics, cropped tops, peek-a-boo detailing and boxy cropped jackets – to name only a few.

We want to know your favorite spring trend! Help us discover the hottest of these new looks by posting a photo of your favorite as a comment on the BTR Spring Trend Facebook post FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A $1000 SHOPPING SPREE. The photo with the most likes will win. So rally your friends and get them to vote. Contest is open from Monday February 3rd 9am to Wednesday February 5th at midnight ET. Don’t forget to tag us in the photo.

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Caroline Chu Skincare and Cosmetics

Caroline Chu  Blog

Beauty begins with great skin. Today, skincare is no longer considered a trip to the spa; it’s an investment that most women are more than willing to make.

Caroline Chu’s skincare and cosmetics offer women everything they need to keep skin looking young, vibrant and healthy. Her all-natural skincare products nourish and rejuvenate the skin, while her makeup line provides everything you need to enhance your best features. Made for a range of skin types, Caroline Chu is affordable and ideal for the busy woman on the go.

So put your best face forward. Shop the Caroline Chu event – live NOW!

BTR V-Day Hollywood Crushes

BTR Celebrity Crushes

We’ve all done it. You know – spend an hour or so daydreaming about that silver screen cutie that simply makes our heart skip a beat. After all, what’s life without a little fantasizing every once in a while?

Today, we’re asking our employees to reveal their Hollywood crushes? Check out our top 10 list below.

The Boys Club

1)      Ryan Gosling: Charmingly Canadian and ab-solutely swoon-worthy, this home-grown heartthrob plays the good boy as well as the bad-ass. Who doesn’t love a good study in contrast?

2)      Joseph Gordon Levitt: Often described as Mr. Perfect, we’re more than ready to set up house with Mr. Levitt.  But where will we live? How about right here on the 3rd Rock from the Sun 😉

3)      Ian Somerhalder: Nicknamed Smolder Holder by his fans, we can hardly get enough of this bad boy. And those eyes….

4)      Sean Penn: This big screen rebel is known for stealing hearts. It’s no wonder he’s got ours.

5)      Henry Cavill: It’s said that the Man of Steel has a soft side. Well, we’re good listeners. He can open up to us.

The Ladies’ Club

1)      Scarlett Johansson: With a name like Scarlett and looks to match, this Hollywood babe is so red-hot.

2)      Blake Lively: Mrs. Ryan Reynolds got an undisputed aye from girls and boys alike. Yep, we definitely love this radiant blond.

3)      Sofia Vergara: Even her name is sexy. Add a sultry accent and we had to open a few windows and turn down the heat.

4)      Halle Barry: Her beauty seems to transcend time. Old and young alike still find her absolutely stunning and can hardly get enough of this Bond Girl.

5)      Eva Mendes: We have a love/hate relationship with Eva. Love her gorgeous curves and kiss-me lips. Hate her because she has our ultimate valentine date; Ryan Gosling.

We’re dying to know. Who’s your Hollywood crush? We can keep a secret.

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The Best and Worst Dressed of the 2014 Golden Globes

Hollywood’s best and brightest were on display for the 2014 Golden Globes. And by bright, we mean it! The red carpet revealed glitzy metallic gowns, as well as bright, solid colors perfect for the coming spring. However, as always, some of these stars dazzled, while others may soon be firing their stylist.

Here are our picks for the best and worst dressed of the 2014 Golden Globes:

Best Dressed:

Lupita Nyong’o: Her movie, 12 Years a Slave, nabbed the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Film, but she won the award for best dressed even before the show started. The bold color looks great on her, and the cape feature adds trendsetting style.

Kerry Washington: That baby bump looks great in Balenciaga. The top portion of the dress cuts a flattering figure, and elevates the entire ensemble into one of fashionable elegance.

Margot Robbie: The Wolf of Wall Street femme fatale blew us away in Gucci. She looked flawless from head to toe; the dress creating a classic silhouette enhanced by emerald-colored gems.

Kate Beckinsale: This is how you wear metallic colors! Kate looked every inch a star in this glittery Zuhair Murad gown. The sweetheart neckline is perfect on her frame, and the pattern is eye-catching, even through all the shine.

Reese Witherspoon: The Calvin Klein dress, though simple, fits Reese’s stunning hourglass shape like a glove. The bright color is youthful and on-trend this season.

Honorable Mention:

Emilia Clarke: She shined bright in a Proenza Schouler gown. Both the print and the asymmetrical skirt were fabulous.

Worst Dressed:

Drew Barrymore: She should have taken a cue from Kerry Washington and flaunted that baby bump in style. Instead, this Monique Lhuiller gown reminds us of our grandmother’s wallpaper.

Julia Roberts: When did Julia Roberts decide to change career paths and become an English school mistress? Her biggest mistake here is the blouse portion of the dress. Without it, the dress would have looked plain, but elegant.

Zoe Saldana: This dress looks like it was sewn together with the castoff scraps of other gowns, and not pretty ones either. It’s just all over the place, and the flower appliques definitely do not help!

Julie Bowen: We had to recoil at this dress at first glance because the combination of purple and red was harsh on our eyes. It gets worse the more you look at it: the velvet and sateen combo, the puffy sleeves…take your pick!

Lizzy Caplan: If she wanted to go for a fashion-forward look, she fell short. The almost futuristic shoulders and sleeves just end up making this dress look strange and unflattering.

Honorable Mention:

Paula Patton: The ruffles looked as though they could topple her over. Her figure looked swamped and lost within the fabric waves.

Do you agree or disagree with our choices? Let us know!