MoBros Final Stache

Beyond the ‘Stache! Our Movember Team Update

Growing the perfect mustache takes time, effort and commitment! Our team, Beyond the Stache! preened and pruned their finest facial landscapes in an effort to change the face of men’s health, raising over $500 in just a month!

A special thanks to all of our mo-bros for their participation in this great cause, and for bringing a little fun and lighthearted hairiness to the office. You guys rock!

Insta Winners

#Winning Wednesday Insta-Winners List

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – the winners of the latest installment of our Black Friday Countdown contest have been chosen! Congratulations to the following winners:

Kids’ Tabletop Easel: @vilmark13
Burberry Polo: @caryl_s
Winter Coat: @rmv2500
Cashmere Poncho: @teegzmum
Flannel Sheet Set: @mstydon
Luggage Set: @jlaiiiii
Spiked Booties: @sarahpsmart
Handbag: @missashleylaura
Michael Kors Watch: @jbswanson911
Fringed Cardigan: @ravneet_ks
Men’s Coat @michelleandbrookeshop

Please email us at to claim your prize, and include the following details:

Your full name
Shipping address
Phone number
Email address associated with your BTR account
Clothing/Footwear size (if applicable)

Stay tuned for more winners to come – and check out our Instagram for more chances to win!

Jet-Set Lifestyle

Jet-Set in Style: A Travel Checklist

Get out of town in tip top style with handpicked travel essentials and versatile fashion finds. We asked Megan, our luggage buyer and travel expert, for some quick pointers to help simplify and smooth your travel experience.

travel essentials

Packing Prep
How much is really necessary to spend on luggage? It seems that no matter how much you spend, something always breaks, whether it’s a zipper or those flimsy telescoping handles. That’s why it’s important, whether your luggage costs $50 or $300, to choose a set that offers a 10-year worldwide warranty. Another great tip: choose a colorful, flashy set rather than boring black. Not only are you more likely to spot it on the conveyor belt at the airport, but it’s less likely to get stolen, and easier to identify if something does go missing.
Get organized with a good set of packing cubes. Especially if you are hitting up multiple destinations, these are perfect for keeping your stuff compartmentalized so that you don’t need to dig through your entire luggage just to find that perfect outfit for the beach. Keep one aside just for dirty clothes so things don’t get mixed up.


Make a Checklist
Now that your luggage is ready, take note and come up with a full checklist of things you’ll need on your trip. Take the time to plan each outfit using versatile coordinates from your closet. By being thoroughly prepared, you’ll ensure that you don’t over-pack and get nailed with weight restriction fees. You’ll need:
Shoes – choose versatile flats, which are perfect for walking and can be dressed up or down as the occasion requires
Wool socks, which are lightweight and double as slippers
Versatile layers. The perfect way to prepare for temperature fluctuations, choosing solid colors makes it easier to mix and match
An extra handbag: A nylon folding tote, as well as a clutch/tote combo with crossbody strap is functional and on-trend.
A chunky statement necklace – a great day-to-night piece

For Your Carry-On
Always pack a backup outfit in your carry-on – you never know when a delay or lost luggage incident will strike. Additionally, you’ll need these basics:
A hat to cover your hair (they won’t let you bring dry shampoo on the plane)
Noise-canceling headphones – Beats by Dre are perfect!
A cosmetics bag with wipes, BB cream, powder, lipstick, lip balm and mascara
A travel pillow

For the plane ride

For the Plane
No matter how short your flight, always make sure to wear something comfortable, like a loose-fitting top and leggings or jeggings. A cozy blanket scarf doubles as a fashion accessory and cozy blanket to snuggle up with. It’s best to avoid wearing makeup on the plane, as the recirculated air can lead to nasty breakouts. If you must, however, it’s a good idea to wear your makeup to the airport, take it off just after boarding, and re-apply right before landing. On a related note, if you are considering getting a deep facial, it’s best to do after you arrive at your destination, and not before getting on the plane, since your pores will be wide open to dirt and germs.
Extra tip: make sure to get up and walk around to avoid ankle swelling.

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Sweet Dreams: Win a Kids’ Sleep Consultation

Well-rested kids are happy kids. That’s why it’s so important, with exciting holidays, traveling, and the upcoming anticipation of finding presents under the tree, to have a solid bedtime routine in place. But how is one to convince bouncy kids wired on sugar cookies and candy canes to slow down and unwind? We asked Tracy Braunstein, resident pediatric sleep consultant at Piccolo Universe founded by Ricki Martin, for a few pointers for parents on helping kids get the best sleep.

Kids Bedroom Decor

What are the benefits of a sleep consultation?
In the age of neverending advice available at our fingertips, parenting decisions can become quite overwhelming. One of the toughest issues that new parents face with their little ones is sleep. There are so many schools of thought, various parenting philosophies and more than a handful of sleep training methods to choose from. How does a tired and confused parent know which way to turn? This is where a certified sleep consultant is of such benefit. When I work with my clients we look at their current situation and take into account the science of sleep, the family parenting philosophy, and other factors. Together we come up with the proper plan that the parents feel they can commit to. Working with a consultant allows the parents to feel comfortable in implementing their plan. So much of my work is not just helping with getting their child to have healthy sleep, but I also support, encourage, educate and guide my clients throughout the process. This imparts key education to the parents and it sets the child up for success and makes it as easy as possible for them because we are doing everything correctly and consistently.

How do you create the perfect sleep environment for little ones?
It is important that when we put our children to bed, the environment is conducive to healthy sleep. The following is an ideal sleep environment:
Very dark room
Temperature between 20-22 degrees (depending on how your little one is dressed to sleep)
Quiet OR white noise (avoid music, crib entertainment, electronics)
Empty crib void of any pillows, blankets or toys

What are your tips for creating the best bedtime routine, and sticking to it?
Bedtime routine can vary depending on the age of the child, however, regardless of age, having a consistent bedtime routine is a crucial step in your quest towards healthy sleep.
Create a routine that is simple and not too long – 30-45 minutes is a good length.
A sample bedtime routine is as follows:
Warm bath
Baby massage
Story or lullaby
Place child down in a drowsy but awake state
Children thrive when there is consistency and routine. A solid bedtime routine will prepare both the mind and body for sleep.

Security Bear

How do you get overexcited kids to sleep, such as nights when they’re expecting Santa?
When there are events, travel, or anything out of the ordinary in a child’s life, the best thing to do is to stick to their usual routine as much as possible. That being said, well-rested children with good sleep habits have full “sleep tanks” and can tolerate disruptions very well. They usually will not be affected by those later nights here and there. Plus we all know Santa doesn’t come until the children are asleep!

The best part? If you shop any of our kids’ events today you will be automatically entered to win a free 30 minute sleep consultation with Tracy. Which is perfect because we have all the best in kids’ bedroom updates, and well as bedding essentials, PJs, and so much more, so you can get stocked up for the holidays!

Tracy is a Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and a member of the IACSC. Check out her website, Sleep Tight Solutions, and visit her on Facebook.

Insta Winners

#Winning Wednesday: Black Friday Countdown!

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for – the winners of our Black Friday Countdown contest have been chosen!

Tom Ford sunglasses: @mmazzur
Sergio Bari Handbag: @synelanguage
Burberry Rain Boots: @fokxxsy
RD Style Cardigan: @fashionbeforefunction
Sergio Bari Riding Boots: @clancy_sally
Coloring Book + Throw: @carlahoule_
Beauty Basket: @jeanettek7
Beats by Dre: @sweetmanolo

Please email us at to claim your prize, and include the following details:

Your full name
Shipping address
Phone number
Email address associated with your BTR account
Clothing/Footwear size (if applicable)

Stay tuned for more winners to come – and check out our Instagram for more chances to win!

Beauty Day + Instagram Contest

Soothing and pampering, beauty essentials are our favorite way to beat holiday stress – and they make great gifts, too! Read on for the rundown on our favorite beauty brands of the season, and also a chance to win our hand-picked beauty basket of pampering essentials.

Beauty Bag Giveaway

OPI Nail Lacquer in Frosted Chicago Champagne Toast
OPI Chicagi Champagne
Get your color on with the hands down best brand in nail lacquer. Known for its exceptional formula, fashionable colors and iconic names, OPI’s heavily-pigmented lacquers are super rich, long-lasting, and chip-resistant for a hard-as-nails style statement.

Michael Todd One Step Cleanser & Toner
Michael Todd
Cruelty free and made with natural ingredients, it’s no wonder Michael Todd cosmetics have been taking the world by storm. This one-step cleanser and toner simplifies your beauty routine and leaves your skin soft, clean, and purely radiant!

Color Secrets Love Goddess Nail Polish Set
Color Secrets
Indulge your inner goddess with shimmering nail color made in the USA. Color Secrets is a cruelty-free vegan nail lacquer line, free of DBP, toulese and formaldehyde. The well-designed brush makes for easy application on all nail types.

TrueWhite Teeth Whitening System for Two
Yearning for that perfect TV smile? Try out TrueWhite Advanced Plus System. This system includes two 10ml syringes, two sets of mouth trays, and a blue LED accelerator light. It’s safe, effective, and will make your smile brighter and healthier-looking in no time. Have sensitive teeth? No problem, because it’s pain-free and sensitivity-free. So if you’re an avid coffee or tea drinker, or just want a whiter smile, grab this enamel-safe and dental-grade formula used by leading professional dentists.

Brilliance New York Sweet Reverie Melon Cucumber Scented Body Butter
Brilliance NY
Combining state of the art hair styling tools with age-defying skin treatments, and quality cosmetics, Brilliance New York provides you with a full range of treatments for every beauty need. With its calming fragrance, rich velvety texture and natural avocado extract, BNY’s body butter is the ideal day or night cream for complete rejuvenation.

ArganiCare Argan Oil Shower Gel Lotion with Shea Butter
Built on a strong basis of century-long history of Argan oil use, Arganicare incorporates an ancient and exotic experience combined with new-age technologies in cosmetic science. The Argan oil shower gel is enriched with shea butter and contains a precious blend of nourishing polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins that penetrate deeply into the skin, replenishing it.

Enter our Instagram contest for a chance to win this amazing beauty basket! Simply:

▪Follow us
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▪Tag 3 friends

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Aviva Drescher

Holiday Shopping With Aviva Drescher

With the holidays quickly approaching, our to-do lists (and shopping lists!) are getting longer by the minute. We sat with Aviva Dresher, from the Real Housewives of New York, to ask her some tips on holiday shopping, staying stylish, and beating the holiday rush.

How do you stay calm and collected through the holiday hustle and bustle?
A. I do a lot of shopping online and I try to make purchases before Thanksgiving. I never over-schedule and try to keep everything as simple as possible!

What are your favorite last-minute gift ideas?
A. When I go to someone’s home I love Marzan Flowers in Brooklyn, which are exquisite and creative. Obsessed with a good read, I try to stock up on a bunch of my favorite books so I have something at home when needed for a last minute gift! Toys by Melissa & Doug are adorable and great for learning!

Aviva Drescher at Home in the Hamptons over the weekend

How do you strike a balance between surprising your kids on Christmas morning vs spoiling them?
A. They believe in Santa and they never know what they will receive from their lists – I really keep them in the dark and play it as if they probably won’t get anything they desire. When they do get their favorite toys, they are so happy! We also leave milk and cookies out for Santa the night before, which mysteriously disappear by Christmas morning! We don’t buy our kids gifts outside of birthdays and Christmas, so I don’t have an issue spoiling them on Christmas morning – I spoil them!

Any holiday beauty or style secrets for busy, time-pressed moms?
A. Keep your routine as simple as possible. Have go-to outfits ready for different events so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute. I always carry makeup essentials in my purse because I often don’t have time to do my makeup at home. P50 by Biologique Recherche is my secret skin weapon. When I don’t have time to wash my face, I apply it with a cotton ball and my skin is perfected with color and great tone.


How do you create the perfect photo-ops at family gatherings?
A. It’s almost impossible because ALL kids hate taking pictures! Usually there is one child making a funny face… And they find it so boring! I promise the kids it will be fast and tell them that the quicker they create a nice picture the less painful it will be. I tell the children they will thank me later when they look back at these pics but they look at me as though I have two heads!

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November 2015

Black Friday Countdown: 25 Days of Giveaways + Daily Deals

Get your holiday shopping in gear with our Black Friday countdown! Each day, we’ll be highlighting a special Spotlight Deal on our site offering incredible designer finds at seriously unbeatable prices. Today, we showcase Tom Ford eyewear, for cutting-edge designs that suit every style.

And if you’re in it to win it, check out our Instagram contest starting today for details on daily giveaways – hand-picked treasures that we’re sure will make stellar gifts.

Check in with us on Wednesdays as we announce the winners, beginning November 11.

Have fun and happy shopping!

Movember 2015

#MustacheMonday: Beyond the ‘Stache

Today’s makeover Monday takes a masculine turn with our Movember mustache-a-thon. More popular than ever, Movember’s symbolic mustaches take a stand for men, raising funds for prostate cancer research. We recruited four bearded dudes of BTR for a complete shavedown by pro barbers Franco and Will from Quality Cuts. Donate to the cause through our Movember group Beyond the ‘Stache!, and read on for the step-by-step how-to, as well as some tips for keeping your beard (or in this case, mustache) as sharp as ever.


If your beard is large and in charge, you may need this extra step to tame things down before you begin. With an electric razor, remove a rough layer of your beard, shaving down to about 1/2″ close to the skin. You don’t need to be precise, it will just simplify the next steps and avoid nasty beard snags.

Show Your Soft Side
For the perfect shave, both your skin and hair must be as soft as possible. Begin by misting the face with some cool water. Add in a dollop of moisturizer and massage into the skin. Apply a hot, damp towel to your face for a few minutes for an extra pampering touch.

Lather Up
Brush and Foam
The perfect shaving foam will not only soften the hair, but also removes dirt and disinfects the skin. Applying with a brush in a circular motion, make sure to reach all areas of the beard, ensuring that the cream reaches underneath each hair follicle for best results. We love this shaving foam by Deep Sea Cosmetics.

Get Close

With a straight razor, start by shaving downward in the same direction as the hair growth. Unlike the cheap drugstore razors, a professional blade cuts rather than pulling the hair. Afterwards, for an even closer shave, go over those areas at a sharp angle, but never directly against the direction of hair growth.

Tone It Down

Afterwards, close the pores with aftershave or toner. Try the Deep Sea Cosmetics aftershave for an extra luxe touch. If you don’t have aftershave or toner, you can mist yourself with a spray of cool water, or a damp towel you kept in the fridge.

Keep It Fresh
Regular moisturizer is essential to maintaining your look without irritation or ingrown hairs. Try a classic Moroccan, coconut, or castor oil depending on your preference, or our favorite men’s moisturizer by Aqua Minerals.

Check out the amazing makeovers below and click the pictures below to support your fave mustache. And take a look at our Movember team page to donate to a great cause!

Yona, Before & After

Matt, Before & After

Rodney, Before & After

Jon, Before & After

We’ll be following up with the boys all through the month to document the progression of their ‘staches, so stay tuned!

Krystal Makeover

#Makeover Monday: Vamp It Up

This week’s makeover took a glamorously dark turn with professional makeup artist Laurina Valente. We wanted to give fresh-faced Krystal, our social media guru, a vampy hair and makeup makeover for an autumn evening out with the girls.

Follow our step-by-step how-to for tips on updating your look with Flawed Cosmetics, a great makeup line with an even better cause. For each product purchased, 5% of proceeds are donated to a charity – currently they are supporting Autism Speaks, an advocacy organization supporting people with autism and their families.

Let’s get started!

Makeover 1

Nothing’s worse than a smoky eye that travels, smears, and settles into fine lines three hours into the night. Stop the smearing before it starts with a primer – blend it over lids and under eyes to ensure that your makeup stays put past last call!

Try this: Dalton Cream Foundation with DermaFlex in Light

Dark circles kill the sexiness of a smoky eye (instead of looking vampy, you’ll appear bruised). Swipe a creamy concealer along your under eye area using a brush or your eff-you finger. Pro makeup artist secret: After blending on concealer, use a fluffy brush to tap translucent powder on the under eye area. The powder will catch loose particles as you apply your eyeshadow – then, when you’ve completed the look, gently swipe the powder off with a tissue. Flawlessness!

Try this: Dalton Medium Conceal-It Concealer

Battable, come-hither lashes are a must when creating a sultry eye. Using an eyelash curler, gently clamp down at the base of your lashes, hold for five seconds, and release. If you’re truly adventurous, blast the curler with heat from a blowdryer before curling (heating up the tool makes your curl last longer!).

Makeover 2

Blend a dark shade from your lashes to crease and then use a small, angled brush to drag the shadow along your lower lash line. The best part? Your smoky shade doesn’t need to be black – gray, navy, shimmery brown, plum, or forest green can add an unexpected element to the look.

Try this: Mini Mez-Mor-Eyeshadow Set in Mysterious

A smoky eye shouldn’t have any harsh lines; it should be softly blended at the edges. Use a Q-tip or a smudge brush to lightly smudge the shadow at the crease and along bottom lashes.

Try this: Eyeliner kit with brush by Dalton

With the right color in place, define your eyes with a liquid black eyeliner. Drag it along top and bottom lash lines, making sure there’s no skin showing between lashes and the line. Smoldering!

Try this: NanaCoco Scandalous Liquid Eyeliner & Mascara

To open up the eye area and add a sparkly radiance, blend a shimmery highlighter along your brow bone and in the inner corners of eyes. If you have fair to medium skin, try a pearl hue; darker complexions look vampy in champagne shades.

Try this: Dalton Brightner IlluminEyes

No smokey eye is complete without lush, lovable lashes! Create an out of this world effect with an ultra-black volumizing mascara. Starting at the base of your lashes, simply layer it on in upward strokes, creating the illusion of volume and length. Genius.

Try this: Dalton Velvet Black Lash Fix Volumizing Mascara

Makeover 3

Step 9: LIPS

No look would be complete without the perfect pout. A dark, blood-red lip is the perfect color for the season! Exfoliate your lips first before applying a moisturizing balm to keep your lips from drying out and flaking. This is extra-important when using darker lip colors, as these will be more likely to highlight minor imperfections. Apply a matching lip liner just to the edges of the lips – you’ll want to extend it ever so slightly outside the lip line to balance the look, since dark lip colors can make your lips appear smaller. Fill in the rest of your lips with the color of your choosing and you’re ready to hit the town!

Try this: Flawed Cosmetics Perfect Pout Lipstick in Seriously


Finally, we completed this look with a loose curl and a low side ponytail to keep it soft and romantic. The crossbody Gucci handbag, Hermès belt and strappy pumps gives her haute couture outfit a perfect finishing touch!

Shop these looks, as well as cosmetics and hair essentials on sale now!