Spring 2014 Hair Trends


The runways have spoken and there are plenty of reasons to look forward to the hairstyles of Spring 2014. The hair trends for this season are all about messy, seemingly-uncoiffed locks, however us girls know that it takes a little effort to look so effortless.

Here are the looks we’re most excited to start practicing:

Mermaid/Bohemian Waves and Mixed Textures: Models strutting the Versace, Calvin Klein, and Christopher Kane runways all sported tousled locks. The more randomly placed and textured, the better. To achieve this look, you can plait damp hair before bed. Or, try using mousse on dry hair; using a wet product on dry hair produces a slightly uneven, matte finish. Then blow-dry roughly, and wind random sections around a curling iron.

Windswept Updos: “The hair is a hot mess, like she had a really good night”, explained Orlando Pita, the hairstylist for the Michael Kors show. Rochas and Tom Ford models also displayed the loose tangles and halo of hair representative of this look. Simply curl sections of hair at front, away from your face, and then twist your hair up into a rumpled knot secured with hairpins. No need to be precise!

Old World/Milk Maid Braids: This hairdo, like the previous ones, is plucked right out of the Romantic past. Though less experimental than the plaits of last season (see: fishtail braids), they still stand-out. Alberta Ferretti, Rachel Zoe, and Rebecca Minkoff all showcased the messy structure. Braid your hair loosely and don’t worry about fly-aways.

Edgy Bobs: Models wigged-out on the runways of Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Fendi. Unlike the other hair styles, this one is more contemporary. The uneven, erratic cut evokes a free-spirited and boyish attitude. Many of the wigs seemed as if “[the model] took the scissors to her own hair!”, exclaimed Guido who cut the Marc Jacobs bobs.

Get a style that is all your own with Bibasque Hair Tools – on sale today. And tomorrow, don’t forget to look out for our Brilliance New York event for curling and flat irons.

Do you have any styling tips for these ‘dos? Let us know in the comments or reply to our Facebook post here.

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The Lupita Nyong’o Fashion Rainbow


Lupita Nyong’o was the red carpet darling of the 2014 awards season. She looked flawless at every single event, and found herself on countless “best dressed” lists, dominating the competition. Her gowns all had simple silhouettes, were bold in color, and she frequently finished her look with a bright lipstick.

Her perfect fashions were thanks to the expert eye of celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger, who is also responsible for dressing Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery, Raising Hope’s Martha Plimpton, and Winona Ryder. Her style choices often reflect the whimsy of fashion. For Lupita, she definitely wanted a daring and playful style.

Micaela believes that Lupita’s caped Ralph Lauren gown was her most striking look. She describes it as “the perfect dress, on the perfect girl, for the perfect moment”. And indeed it was one of the most talked about gowns of the season.

Her talent is definitely one we’ll be keeping our eye on.

Which one of Lupita’s looks was your fav? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of: hollywoodreporter.com and vanityfair.com

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How To Wear: The Tulle Skirt


Let’s face it: tulle skirts are notoriously hard to style. It’s easy to go from prima ballerina to frumpy. When done right however, this piece is an adventurous and infinitely girly addition to your wardrobe.

Here are some of our best tips for incorporating this trend into your closet:

Embrace the Ballerina: Go ultra feminine and embrace the tulle skirt’s roots with one that is full and poofy, whether long or short. Pair it with a form-fitting top, a chunky statement necklace, and some heels.

Be Edgy: Throw on a rockin’ leather or jean jacket for a great contrast. Play up the rest of the outfit with metallic accessories and some combat boots.

Unexpected Plaid: This is probably the most surprising tulle skirt trend, but it definitely makes an impression. A dainty skirt with some plaid flannel is the perfect mix of casual and sophisticated.

Show a Little Skin: A crop top is a great way to transition into warmer weather and you can wear it with any color tulle. Get creative with different color combinations!

How will you wear your tulle? Post a comment to let us know!

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The BTR Dog Blog


Who let the dogs out?

We did! BTR is going to the dogs today, and we’ve got the inside scoop on some of our employees’ furry friends. These canines have sent their favorite people to the doghouse, and they’ve taken over their positions. What do they have to say for themselves?

lucy  Lucy, Miniature Australian Shepherd, Senior Director of Creative and Production

Age: 5 months old, today! Happy 5 month birthday to me!

Nickname: The Stuffed Toy Destroyer

My favorite past times include chasing my tail and decapitating any stuffed toy in sight (it’s how I earned my nickname). But don’t judge me on that; I’m really just a smart, fun-loving and kind little puppy. I even wake up my mini humans with lots of kisses every morning. I recently enjoyed my first (and probably only) trip to Florida for Spring Break, where I experienced a couple of firsts: grass (awesome), and the ocean’s waves (not so awesome – they were scary!).

amber  Amber, Airdale Terrier, Event Receiving Put-Together Specialist

Age: 8 years old

Nickname: The Lady

If I had been born human, I would have been born a princess. I know this for a fact because my humans treat me like one, even though I was most certainly born a canine. I enjoy the finer things in life like the smell of coffee, and having free reign of my favorite sofa. My guilty pleasure is that I absolutely adore toilet paper and paper towel rolls. They’re so much fun to play with, despite their origins.

duke  Duke, Miniature Dachshund, Stylist

Age: 3 years old

Nickname: The Vacuum Knight

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love all things furry, and if they’re purple, so much the better! I’m definitely a lover not a fighter, and my fur-less buddy knows this. He gives me all the cuddles I could ever want. That being said, the cuddles will end the moment the vacuum comes out. That is my cue to run away as fast as my little legs can take me.

preston  Preston, Toy Poodle, Outerwear and Kids’ Buyer

Age: 3 years old

Nickname: The Ladies’ Man

Don’t tell my girlfriend about my nickname. She’s an 80lbs Rottweiler named Nesta. You don’t want to get on her bad side. Part of the reason she likes me is because of my cool fashion sense. That hoodie I’m wearing? It is a total belly rub magnet. If you’re willing to rub my belly, I’ll be on my back in two seconds flat, waiting patiently. If you have some cheddar popcorn, even better!

baxter  Baxter, Yorkie, Content Manager

Age: 1 year old, as of 2 days ago

Nickname: The Little Gentleman

Don’t let my small stature fool you: I’m a little dog with a big dog’s heart. In fact, the small pup stereotype doesn’t apply to me at all. I don’t make a lot of noise, which works out to my advantage when I stalk my prey. My favorite victims are toys the size of field mice. After a hard day of being a ninja blur, I like to be the perfect lap dog. My humans give me lots of cuddles, and my favorite: peanut butter!

bella Bella, Shih Tzu and Yorkie Mix, Assistant Luxury Buyer

Age: 1 year old

Nickname: The 2-Wheel Wonder

If I could choose any song to describe me, it would have to be Queen’s “Bicycle Race”. There is nothing quite like sitting in a bike’s basket with my fur blowing in the wind. I’m not a big fan of the snow; it gets in the way of the tires. My bicycle trips usually end up at the best place in the world: the dog park. My best friend, a cat named Blacky, is completely jealous.

When asked if they would give up their new positions, we were met with a chorus of howls that could only be interpreted as “NO!” Looks like these dogs are here to stay! Shop our Popular Pets event now to see doggie-approved products!

Which one of our star pooches would be your best friend? Vote now by commenting on this blog post and the Facebook post here.

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Win a $750 BTR Easter Wardrobe Shopping Spree


Between working full time, helping out with homework, driving to extracurricular activities and more, a mother’s day is never done.

Our BTR moms know how hard it is to find time to shop, so they’re here to help you out. They’ve hand-picked their favorites for BTR Kids Day. Look for their stamps in toys and apparel and outfit your little ones from head to toe.

And be sure to check out our Easter Wardrobe Facebook Contest. Enter to win a $750 Easter wardrobe shopping spree!

Simply post a family photo on our Facebook contest post here, and caption why it’s a special moment. The photo with the most likes wins, so make sure to share the post with friends, family, and colleagues!

Contest valid through midnight March 17th ET.

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Spring Trend Alert: The Crop Top


Ladies, it’s time to invest in some Pilates classes because come warm weather you might find yourself wanting to don some midriff baring ensembles. Seen all over the fashion week runways and already a favorite amongst Hollywood starlets, crop tops are making a big comeback. But these aren’t your 90’s belly-ring baring styles that were so popular with the teen stars of the time. Crop tops have evolved – and what a welcome evolution it is.

Midsections are now tastefully on display everywhere. But how do you keep it classy? There are a few simple rules to getting this trend just right.

Rule #1 - Know what makes you comfortable. If you’re on the shy side opt for a high-waisted skirt or pants to keep your crop top from showing too much skin. Check out Olivia Wilde’s outfit.

Rule #2 – This season’s crop tops are about being classy. So trade in your tight mini-skirt and go with something a little more refined. Selena Gomez’s outfit oozes sexy, yet she still looks quite the lady.

Rule #3 – Dare to be different! Kim Kardashian isn’t afraid to elevate her crop tops to evening wear.

Rule #4 – Wear lower-waisted bottoms with longer crop tops, and higher-waisted ones with shorter. Vanessa Hudgens and Beyonce rock very different looks, yet both are still impeccably styled.

Now that you’ve got the tricks of the crop top trade, the only question left to ask is do you dare to go bare?

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BTR Employees Pick: Eclectic Style

Employee Pick Eclectic

At BTR we encourage and embrace diversity. Many of our employees take that adage and display their unique personalities through their eclectic style. Today, we’re featuring 4 of our most colorful colleagues for this month’s edition of BTR Employee Pick. Kassi, Jang-Gyu, Natalie and Chelsea continue to wow us with their outfit choices day after day. Read our Q & A below to hear how they describe their style and shop the events with Employee Pick stamps to see their recent BTR purchases.

Kassi, Content Editor & Copywriter

1) How would you define your style?

If I could define my style, I would say it’s that strange point where adventure and accident meet. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight in the past year so my style is reflective of the fact that I don’t, physically or mentally, have to be as cautious about what I wear. I’m constantly learning what works and what doesn’t work for my body and it’s been a lot of fun. My more fashionable friends have given me a tagline to live by, “Who says you can’t wear houndstooth AND floral?” Who says, is right!

2) What are 5 key pieces that will make up your wardrobe this spring?

The denim jacket, the crop top, anything high-waisted, huaraches, and the collarless blazer.

Jang-Gyu, Traffic Coordinator

1) How would you define your style?

Colorful funky badass

2) What are 5 key pieces that will make up your wardrobe this spring?

To be honest, I don’t have specific items that I’m looking forward to wearing in my wardrobe. It always depends on my mood, the weather and where I’m going. I’m just dying to throw away my long johns and undershirts.

Natalie, Event Receiving Supervisor

1) How would you define your style?

Glam Chic. My outfits generally feature gold, silver and bold tones. I am all about wearing outfits that make me stand out in a crowd. There is also an added touch of class and sophistication tied into my looks.

2) What are 5 key pieces that will make up your wardrobe this spring?

Great hair accessories (like a gold headband), a fitted cropped leather jacket, a great pair of wedge sandals/sneaker wedges and a pair of pumps, a pair of glamorous sunglasses, knee high socks.

Chelsea, Assistant Stylist

1)How would you define your style?

I wouldn’t say I have a specific style, but I sometimes like to push the boundaries and try something a little more edgy or fun.  I like to play around a lot with many different colors and prints and mix and match different pieces together.

2) What are 5 key pieces that will make up your wardrobe this spring?

A must have outfit in my closet this spring will definitely be a cropped top accompanied by a high-waisted skirt. I also can’t go without harem pants and rompers. They are comfortable and fashionable especially topped off with a big chunky necklace.

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Milan and Paris Fashion Week 2014

That’s all folks! Both Paris and Milan wrapped up their fashion weeks with critical acclaim. There was never a dull moment as each head-turning, eye-popping style made its way down the runways.

Below, we’ve picked out our favorite trends for the upcoming season.

fashionweekblog_2014 image

Paris Fashion Week:

Leopard Print: Rawr! This wild print is back on the runways. Céline, Chloé, Saint Laurent, and Givenchy all added the flirty feline pattern to their lines. Whether the print graced a stunning jacket or dress, it definitely took the spotlight.

Pharrell Hats: The Vivienne Westwood hat that was the talk of the 2014 Grammy Awards has sparked a craze. The Paris catwalks were towered over by super-sized chapeaus. Both Gareth Pugh and Acne Studios hopped onto the bandwagon.

Dramatic Eyelashes: Underneath the big hats were creative and large eyelashes. Saint Laurent featured Twiggy-like, clumpy mascara on a double fringe of eyelashes. Alexander McQueen went feral with an animalistic eyelash/eyebrow combo.

Fringe: Not only an accessory of the Wild West. Roland Mouret’s ribbon skirts swished and swayed beautifully. Lanvin showcased thin, silk fringe for a perfect cocktail hour look.

Milan Fashion Week:

Corporate Masculinity: Suits with wide legged trousers and granite palettes were featured in lines by Antonio Marras and Armani. There was a particular gender-bending, minimalist feel.

Oversized Outerwear: Shearling, colorful fabrics, and volume. Models walked the runway completely cocooned for Alberta Ferretti, Prada, and Trussardi.

Embellished Detail: Milan saw feathers, applique jewels, and more. Marni showcased incredibly detailed feathered looks. Their runways were festooned with skirts and coats in full plumage.

Patchwork: New York and London Fashion weeks presented some fabric patchworking, and the trend continued in Milan. Simonetta Ravizza, Missoni, and Fendi all used patchwork in their collections. Fendi elevated the look to high fashion jackets, skirts, and coats; all layered.

Which of these trends are you most excited to mix and match? Are some just too out there for you? Let us know in the comments!

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Yvonne Marie

Yvonne Marie_blog

YM is a Canadian company that has been in existence for over 25 years, with stores on the east coast of Canada. Designer Yvonne Marie recognized a common problem with most women shopping for fashion; garments that did not fit properly. She made it her mission to develop a product range that would address most fit issues. Her philosophy is to try the new designs on and to actually wear them for a day or so to ensure that the garment not only fits well, but also moves and feels comfortable throughout the typical day of today’s active woman. This differs greatly from other designers that simply assess the fit of a garment on a model for a couple of minutes.

Yvonne Marie shops the world for interesting fabrics. Her goal has always been to provide fabrics that are comfortable and interesting at the same time. Great emphasis is also placed on unique trims, details and finishes that give the garments very unique looks.

Yvonne has made a commitment to be close to her customer. The feedback she gets from her customers has been a great factor to the success of YM. Yvonne listens to customer’s opinions. Her philosophy is that in order to make the ideal garment for the customer, you need to understand the customer. Yvonne takes this understanding, compiles it with her dynamic designing skills to produce a garment that the customer is proud to wear.

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Tees for Change

Tees For Change

When fashion and social issues meet the results are often astonishing. Introducing Tees for Change, a collection of soft, durable t-shirts featuring graphic printed social messages. Confronted with the challenges facing her country, founder and president Marilyn Barrett decided to take action. Her t-shirts aim to encourage people to actively participate in their communities and help change things for the better. By wearing one of her t-shirts you can be a vehicle for change and inspire others to take notice and take action.

Today, BTR is proud to bring you this collection of t-shirts, tanks and scarves.  Get your Tee for Change t-shirt today and get involved.

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