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The art of the selfie is practiced and perfected all over the world. With camera phones, iPads, webcams and a sea of photo editing apps at our disposal, everyone is doing it. By now, we’ve all seen Ellen’s celeb-studded Academy Awards’ selfie that briefly crashed Twitter – a testament to our ever increasing addiction and obsession with this form of self-portrait.

So, in honor of the 2014 Selfie Movement, we’ve decided to put together a collage of selfies from our employees. Be warned – featured are the duck face, lifted eyebrow, smirk, group selfie and much more. Check them out above and share your best selfie on our Facebook page.

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The Best and Worst Dressed of the 86th Academy Awards

Arguably Hollywood’s biggest night and the crown jewel of awards’ season, The Academy Awards never fails to entertain. The red carpet is where it all begins. The only thing more exciting than finding out who will nab a golden Oscar, is finding out what they’re going to wear!

Here are our picks for The 86th Academy Awards’ Best and Worst Dressed:

Best Dressed:


Lupita Nyong’o: This up and coming star can do no wrong when it comes to red carpet fashion! She consistently blows the competition away with striking, yet elegant ensembles. The custom-made Prada gown made her look every inch a Grecian goddess.

Sandra Bullock: A gown fitting an Academy Award winning actress, even if the award wasn’t won this year. The twisted and pleated detail elevates this dress from mediocre to complete celebrity vixen.

Cate Blanchett: Looking radiant in Armani, Cate Blanchett took our breath away. The color of her dress almost matches her skin tone, making her look clothed in nothing but glitter and shine.

Charlize Theron: Her Dior gown cuts a striking hourglass silhouette. The train’s mesh fabric gave it a fashion-forward design while still retaining a classic and timeless feel. An all-black ensemble definitely doesn’t have to be drab!

Kate Hudson: Looking like she stepped out of a Silver Screen classic, Kate Hudson was awe-inspiring in Versace Atelier. We loved the shoulder detail and the contrasting fabric textures.

Honorable Mention: Angelina Jolie

Worst Dressed:


Julia Roberts: Why so somber, Mrs. Roberts? This peplum lace monstrosity aged her considerably. The fabric is bulky and matronly.

Chrissy Teigen: Did you and John Legend come from prom and forgot to change? Contrasted with other chic red carpet looks, this floral gown looks outdated. It stands out in all the wrong ways.

Anna Kendrick: This J. Mendel dress looks good—from afar. Take a closer look and you realize that there are some odd design choices. The pleated tiers look like they were added as an afterthought, and the red rhinestone embellishments seem out of place.

Portia de Rossi: This Naeem Khan dress had us scratching our heads. The pattern looks like a crochet design, and crochet has no place at The Academy Awards!

Sally Hawkins: The Blue Jasmine actress was covered from neck to floor, and shoulder to wrist. The embroidery helped to make it appear even more like a very conservative wedding dress.

Honorable Mention: Jada Pinkett Smith

Do you agree or disagree with our choices? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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Pin to Win: Spring Break Pinterest Contest

Spring Break Pin to Win_blog

We think you deserve a break. And what better way to relax and unwind than a day at the spa. Enter our Pin to Win: Spring Break Madness Contest on Pinterest and get one step closer to your ultimate Spring Break spa day. The Contest runs from March 3rd, 2013 at 9:00 AM ET to March 8th, 2014 at Midnight ET. Simply follow us on Pinterest and pin what you’d pack in your bag for spring break from our Spring Break Madness board.

Enter to win here: http://sweeps.piqora.com/SpringBreakMadness

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Look of the Day: Black & White

Look of the Day - Black and White

One trend that has been everywhere this season is the ever classic black and white. Designers have been using basic blacks and whites with bold designs to make these classic shades fresh and on-trend. It’s all about the details like intricate patterns and cutouts. Fashion IT Girls and Hollywood red carpet regulars have been rocking this simple yet edgy trend. You can find Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Cara Delevinge sporting all-black cropped tops with all-white sharply tailored pantsuits or high-waisted skirts.

If you’re not one of the lucky ones to have a glam squad complete with stylist, don’t worry. Beyond the Rack is making it easy for you to get this hot trend.  Shop our The Bottom Line sale for the look featured above and much more. But don’t delay, these hot finds won’t last!

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Summer Infant Baby Monitors, Gates, and More


Summer Infant’s mission is to “delight moms, dads, and babies with innovative, award-winning products”. Their 30 year history speaks for itself. Between their baby monitors, versatile gates, and their trademarked SwaddleMe blankets, Summer offers everything you need to keep your little one safe and happy.

Baby monitors are a great way to keep an eye on your sweetheart. Summer Infant’s monitors surpass the competition in quality and features. The Slim and Clear Dual Receiver Audio Monitor has a range of 650 feet. With a 2.4 GHz frequency, it automatically selects a free and secure channel to eliminate interference; you’ll only hear your baby!

Summer has a wide selection of baby gates, which means that you will always find the perfect one for your home. Easily block off a room or create a secure play area for your infant. Use this site to find the right gate for you in 4 easy steps.

Parents from around the globe trust SwaddleMe blankets to wrap their babies securely. They ensure a restful sleep for your baby from birth to 12 months. Swaddling helps reduce loose bedding in the crib and keeps baby securely on their back. It also helps soothe baby by preventing them from startling awake.

Shop our Gates, Baby Monitors and More sale now to find all these products and more!

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Spring Into Action: Interview with Fitness Model Muna Breitem

Muna Breitum_blog

We know that getting into shape isn’t always easy. So, keeping with our Spring Into Action theme, we recently sat down with WBFF Bikini Pro fitness model Muna Breitem to find out her secrets to staying healthy and fit. Read on to hear what she had to say about getting in shape and staying motivated. And check out our Spring Into Action contest below where you can win a $1000 prize pack to help get your body and home fit for spring.

1)You obviously have a gorgeous (and enviable!) body. What do you do to maintain your figure? How often and how long do you work out each week?

Thank you! I’ve made fitness a part of my life.  It’s not something I do on the side, it’s essential. This means I work out at least 5 times a week, for about 1.5h-2h each time.  I also watch everything I eat, but not in the way you would imagine.  I don’t eat less, I actually eat more than most people, 5 to 6 times daily.  The most important aspect to my diet is making sure I get enough protein, although I do stay away from excessively fatty or sugary things.  That’s really only the gist of it.

2)Starting a workout routine can be very overwhelming.  What do you suggest as a simple way to get started?

Try to ease into it over a period of 3 to 6 months.  An overly complex workout routine can discourage beginners, so I suggest at least 30 minutes of cardio (treadmill jogging, for example) with some light weight training.  Even three times weekly, hitting a different set of muscles each time is enough to start making a difference within weeks.  But the nutrition needs to match the efforts at the gym. No amount of training will overcome bad eating habits. After that initial period you can add more intense workouts and more complex weight training sessions, which should always be setup under the supervision of a qualified personal trainer if you’re new at this.

3)It’s easy to get off track with a regular exercise routine, especially for those of us not working out for a living! What do you suggest to both stay on track and to get yourself out of a slump?

At first, the hardest aspect to getting in shape is always mental.  You’re doing something different and your body protests in all kinds of ways, whether it’s hunger pangs or achy muscles.  It’s hard to get the will to keep going once the initial motivation has faded.  What has worked for me is to ignore motivation altogether.  I’ve made fitness as much a part of my life as showering and brushing my teeth are.  These are not things you need to motivate yourself to do; you just do them because how could you not?  It’s the same for fitness.  You clean the dishes, you take the garbage out, you shower once daily… and you go to the gym.  Rain or shine, in the mood or not, you just do it.  Once you start being able to see fitness this way, and you do it long enough, it just becomes a part of your life.

4)If someone has limited time to work out, what are the “must-do” exercises? Are there certain exercises you just can’t live without? Why?

On a time crunch it’s best to go to complex, whole-body exercises since these hit multiple muscles at once.  Things like back squats and deadlifts are very efficient and can accomplish more per unit of time than more targeted, muscle-isolating exercises.  Also, cardio is excellent because it stimulates your entire body and increases your metabolic rate, which burns more fat while promoting good cardiovascular health.  And if you’re in a hurry, High Intensity Interval Training can achieve the results of longer cardio sessions in half the time.

5)What is the best advice you have ever been given?  You know, the life-changing kind!

The best advice that I’ve ever been given is not to aim for perfection, but to aim for progress. Perfection is hard to define, and can become a moving target.  Progress on the other hand just ensures that you’re moving in the right direction, no matter what the end goal is.

6)What’s on your iPod at the moment/ gym playlist?

My music taste is very diverse, depending on my mood. But my gym playlist consists of Muse, Queen, the White Stripes, and Eminem.

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Spring into Action Contest

Spring Cleaning Prize Pack

Time to kick things into high gear and get a fresh start for the new season!  BTR wants to help you get your home and body in shape with our Spring into Action Contest.

Tell us about the most significant life change you’ve made (or plan to make) to spring into action this year for a chance to win our grand prize – a $1000 home and fitness gift pack. To enter share your story as a comment on the BTR Spring into Action Contest post on Facebook. The person with the most likes wins so make sure to tell your friends, family and colleagues.

Contest is valid February 23th 9 AM through February 25th midnight ET. The winner will be announced on our blog and Facebook page.

Prize Pack Includes:

-Big Boss Stainless Steel Juicer

-7″ Android Tablet with Case

-8-Piece Queen Comforter Set

-Microfiber Queen Sheet Set

-50-Pair Shoe Rack

-7-Piece Aluminum Cookware Set

-670 Cardio Connect Heart Rate Monitor

-Essential Yoga 5-piece Beginners Kit

And much more.

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New to BTR – Ben & Sons Watches

Ben and Sons_blog

We’re always excited to bring you the latest and hottest new brands. Today, we’re introducing a new line of classic and timeless watches called Ben & Sons. A dream for watch collectors and enthusiasts alike, these beauties are manufactured with the latest technology and top quality materials, including laidback leather and durable stainless steel. Available in many sizes and styles, they boast handy features including date displays, multi-function subdials and sturdy Sapphitek crystals. So whether you’re looking for a trendy piece to show off or something a little more elegant, you’re sure to find your ideal timepiece with Ben & Sons. Shop now!

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New York and London Fashion Week 2014

The New York and London fashion weeks are bastions of style that give us a glimpse of what trends we can expect for the coming year. Their catwalks provide us a platform to start planning some killer outfits.

We’ve picked out some of the hottest trends so that you can get a head start on this season’s wardrobe.


New York Fashion Week:

Urban Attitude: Alexander Wang, J. Mendel, and Michael Kors showed off some slouchy separates that were slick and sophisticated. These included utilitarian pieces like jackets and wide-legged slacks that could transition smoothly from the runway to the streets.

Reds and Pinks: Escada, DKNY, and Prabal Gurung were all about pretty pink shades, and bold reds. It’s definitely exciting to see vibrant, solid colors.

Sportswear: Break out your varsity jacket because sportswear inspired pieces are back in. Alexander Wang and Rebecca Taylor bombarded the runway with their transformation of a timeless style.

London Fashion Week:

Geometry: Christopher Kane put geometric shapes and textures into stunning use. Origami-style folds graced his dresses for an interesting effect. Roksanda Ilincic and Jonathan Saunders also brought shapes to the runway, but in a softer, non-monochromatic way.

Matching Layers: Burberry, Temperley, Peter Pilotto, and Giles featured ensembles with multiple matching layers. Burberry championed the matching scarf and coat combo. Peter Pilotto’s designs were masterfully layered without the prints feeling repetitive.

Folksy Fantasy: Earthy colors and textures were seen on the runway, including heavy wools. Burberry models wafted down the catwalk in subdued prints and floating fabrics. There was definitely a free-spirited and folksy theme.

There was one surprising motif that stood out at both the New York and London fashion weeks: sci-fi, and more specifically, Star Wars. Preen debuted a Star Wars collection in London, and Rodarte did the same in New York. Each designer put their own spin on the sci-fi classic.

Preen focused on Darth Vader and emblazoned the iconic mask on silk blouses. The stark contrast between the mask and the often feminine prints of each blouse was eye-popping. Rodarte diversified with prints of Luke Skywalker, the Death Star, Yoda, and more. These prints were featured on maxi skirts and paired with solid color, glittery tops. The Star Wars theme was definitely the “star” of the show.

Which of these trends are you going to rock? Comment and let us know!

Images courtesy of Getty Images and http://metro.co.uk/.

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Celebrity Stylist Lindsay Albanese Helps You Shop for Your Body


It’s said that behind every well-dressed celebrity, there’s a better-dressed stylist. And this is absolutely true of Lindsay Albanese. Between styling her famous clients for red carpet appearances and lending her style advice to TV and print media, Lindsay keeps us up-to-date on fashion’s latest trends via her YouTube channel. Today, this expert is taking a moment out of her busy schedule to give us a few tips to keep you in high style.

Here’s what we wanted to know:

1.       As a Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist and Style Expert, your list of Hollywood A-list clients is very impressive. Who would you say was your most fun to dress and why?

Oh I could never pick just one! But I will say that fitting and styling Kathy Griffin has given me many laughs.

2.       What are the biggest fashion mistakes women make?

Wearing too much statement jewelry. It drives me crazy. Big earrings, big necklace, detailed hat, and scarf – it’s just over done and so cheesy! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a “less is more” person about everything but definitely when it comes to statement pieces. Try a bold necklace OR a bold earring, not both. And when I mean bold, I mean go nuts with it kind of bold. Just not both together!

3.       Do you have any tips on how to recycle items already in my closet?

Layering. Maybe you have a few tops that you don’t love anymore. These could look good layered under a sweater or paired with a vest. It could even be as simple as a sleeve peeking out of a sweater.

4.       What are your favorite spring 2014 trends and why?

Crisp white everything and monochromatic pastel looks.

5.       What is your best tip for dressing for your body type?

When in doubt, work your whole outfit around your best figure feature. That’s a surefire way to always go out feeling your best! When trying something new, get a second and honest opinion.

6.       Your YouTube channel is loaded with tips and fun information. From where do you get your inspiration?

From my life! That’s why I started a channel. I thought, “wow, I live and breathe this fashion world with my job so why don’t I share it with people?!”

7.       What is the most treasured item in your closet and why?

My Joes ripped up boyfriend jeans that I got when they first came into style 6 years ago. My Oscar De La Renta lattice wedding heels and a black wool coat I got 7 years ago. The label isn’t in it anymore so I have no clue who the designer is

8.       How would you describe your personal style?

Moody. Every day I dress based on my mood. That usually means classic pieces mixed with a little bit of toughness. You will rarely see me in a head to toe girly look or an all rocker look. I love the juxtaposition of both together. It creates a balance for me; maybe it’s like my two personalities colliding into my wardrobe who knows. haha!

Let Lindsay help you find the most flattering pieces for your shape. Look for her stamp with your body type now!

Check out Lindsay on her website www.LindsayAlbanese.com, like her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter @StyleExpertLynz. You can also subscribe to her Youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/lindsayslatest.

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